Avon Imari Seduction Luxurious Skin Softener Review



  • Luscious skin softener seduces your senses with a warm , natural and addictive touch.
  • Moisturises skin,leaving it silky soft
  • Softens rough spots such as dry elbows and knees, etc.
  • Spreads easily and leaves no greasy after-feel.

Price: MRP: 199/- for 150 gms

What Avon says about this range:
This range also has a roll on deo,body spray and EDT. So for those who want to check out their EDT, its best to try out less pricey things from the range first to get a feel of the fragrance. 🙂
My Experience:
True to its claim,Avon Imari Seduction Luxurious Skin Softener is everything it promises to be.
Comes in a purple-plum tub pack which is very attractive.not the one in the catalogue pic obviously 😛 The first thing you’ll notice after opening it is the fragrance.I am bad at describing fragrances.so refer the above pic which claims of some plum,purple orchid with enticing hints of warm vanilla,amber and musk. I hope you got it right!!! 😛 I think it comes out too strong when you open the tub but settles into a subtle one after application.So if you can bear it for the first few minutes its actually very nice. I can also feel that everybody will not like the smell. If you like floral/fruity kinds then you may not like it.Its actually quite mature. Not apt for teenagers I feel. On me the fragrance lasts really long.I could smell it during my bath the next morning actually. 😉
As you can see the consistency is nor runny nor thick. it is water based,so spreads very nicely and gets absorbed super quick without any greasiness left behind.



I’ve normal to dry body skin and it moisturizes really well.i was actually amazed at how my skin felt so hydrated the whole day until the next bath with such a light softener.The weather is changing and there is a little bit of chillness in the air but this works just fine.Cannot say how it will fare in extreme weather conditions but i think if not till the next morning,it will definitely survive the day.

My Rating: 4 out of 5
Recommendation: Yes it is definitely worth a try,provided you like such fragrance. But again at this price it wouldn’t make a hole in your pocket to just try it out once to know the fragrance.And as far as the moisturisation goes, If you like The Body shop body lotions then you’ll definitely like it.
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