Maybelline Colossal Kajal Review & EOTD

OK Girls. 
Here is a riddle for you all 
Every body loves it.
Most of us cant step out without it…..
What is it????
Yes Kohl. 😉 

I am Reviewing the Colossal Kajal from Maybelline today. Within some months of its launch it became a cult favourite among ladies everywhere. 
1. Because of the smudge proof formula
2. Because of the blackest black pigmentation
3. because of the price 😛
For those who are still searching for a smudge proof Kohl/Kajal,
Price: 150/- INR

Noticed the messy tip?  :/ 

Its a retractable eye pencil.So all those curious cats like me…not to worry.It will move back if you rotate it anti clock wise. 😛 

Here comes the swatch

Not much of a difference. One swipe does its job perfectly.
The best part is it does not smudge even when put under tap for a minute. 😉
The only and serious problem with this Kohl is that there is no ingredient list any where. Like its so cheap and works so nice that sometimes i am bound to think what could be the reason for not putting up the composition!!!! Especially because its an eye product. Hope its nothing serious. :||

Now this is what it looks like on my water line.

Now if you ask me about my view. I’ll say i like this a lot.But there is this doubt about the missing ingredient list that keeps popping up inside my head whenever i am using it. So in spite of all the pros it has, I’ll not repurchase. but if you don’t mind it then go on. Its one of the best Kohls out there in the market for such a cheap price. 

Hope it helped.
jyo 🙂

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