Chambor Stay on Waterproof Eye Pencil in "Forever Blue" Swatch,Review & EOTD (Product-1 Blisscovered Feb Edition)

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Today i’ll be reviewing the Chambor eye pencil that i received two days back in my blisscovered box HERE. I must tell you this, the moment i opend my box i was super excited to find this. 😀 Tried it on immediately and i am so loving this that had it on me for two consecutive days and am sure i’ll be wearing this tomorrow too. 😛
So lets  have a look.

Price: 370/- each
Offer for blisscovered members: 370/- each, 740 for 2 & a wooden eye pencil free.
I checked online and its available for 340/- on B.lab 
On Print: Chambor stay-on eye pencils provide rich,long, long lasting and consistent color.We love the pencil’s creamy texture and the rich, deep pigmentation of the midnight blue.its almost black, so can be worn day & night.Its great for an edgy winged liner look.
My Experience:
Well i already told you i love this .Now i’ll just let you know why.
Packaging: Retractable pencil in the same shade.So No sharpening needed and its easy to pick it up from your 100s of eye pencils without getting confused.Have to be careful about getting too much product out of the case though! 😐 it does not go back once it is out in the open.So do not be curious and save some product. 😛

Shade: A mid night blue as described in print,It is the most wearable blue that you can find.Can be worn to office or party with equal ease.
Texture: Though not very creamy these are smooth and easy to glide on the leads.Does not tug the lids at all.
Smudge proof? : I actually smudged it immediately after swatching on my wrist and it got smudged, though not completely. However on my eyes it stayed for more than 12 hrs without even a tiny bit of smudging.Yes i had it since morning and removed it at midnight only before going for sleep. 😛 
Here is the smudged pic.

The only con i feel is the missing ingredient list. 😐 Now with everybody getting conscious about the ingredients list the brands should really take it seriously.
Now here is the EOTD with this on my waterline and upper lash line. Yes! it does not sting. 😀

My Rating: 4.85 out of 5
My Recommendation: Yeah! sure.I feel so dumb right now for not exploring these beauties. 😐 You should definitely check these out and am sure u’ll love them. 

Hope this helped.
jyo 🙂

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