Avon Face & Eye Makeup Remover

After using the Maybelline Eye & Lip makeup remover i never thought i am goin to experiment else where, but when i saw the Avon Face & Eye makeup Remover on offer last month i had to give this a try. 😀

Price: 299/- for 75 ml I got it for around 200/- on offer. Don’t remember the exact price 😛
What it Claims:


My Experience:
Well I was pretty happy with the maybelline one but then what attracted me to this is the fact that it is a FACE & EYE makeup Remover unlike all the others that are only Lip & Eye removers. pheww! such long names these removers have. 😐 
As i said ifi can remove my whole makeup in one go then why not! its always a pain to use different products on different parts all the time. At least for a lazy bone like me it is. 😛
the packaging is sleek and it has a flip open cap which is a boon for me. you mite laugh at this but i lost my maybelline removers cap when it still had 50% left in the bottle. :/ Had to keep it open in my cupboard  which eventually i had to throw. 🙁 Thankfully it has a cap attched to its body. 😛

This has the same bi-phasic concept of an oil layer above.You have to shake it well before each use.

After shaking properly!

To tell you the truth i find this very similar to maybelline remover.The only edge it has over the other one is that it can be used all over the face which definitely is its biggest USP & advantage.
This never broke me off and removes makeup throughly.You have to wash your face for the excess residues.but thats what we do anyway.Not a con for me.
Here is the demo.

As you can see it does it’s job fabulously.i like it so much that have already got a backup in the offer price only 😀
My Rating: 4.8 out of 5
Recommendation: Yes.Do try this when on offer.Otherwise it might be expensive in comparision to maybelline….It has the potential to be your one step HG remover. 🙂

Hope this helped.
jyo 🙂

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