My CTM Routine: Morning :)

Ok.So finally I am doing this CTM post which many of you asked me to do earlier.I will share my skin care routine for the whole day in another post soon.let’s just start with the most important of them all that is CTM.
CTM: Basically it stands for Cleansing, Toning & Moisturising.
All of you know how important it is for our skin. I personally feel it makes a lot of difference and is a must if you want to maintain a healthy skin.


My Personal Morning Routine: Combination skin- Normal skin all around except for the T-zone
The first thing I do after waking up is wash my face with plain water.Usually I don’t get personal time till an hour or two.So I start my CTM a bit late.You can do it as per your schedule and preference. I would like to mention here that my CTM in the morning is not really the traditional one.I have changed it according to my preference and of course according to what technique suits my skin best.I am not saying it is the best way.What is best for me need not be the best for you.So work around the products that suit your skin type is all I can say. 🙂

Cleanser….Currently using “Clinique Liquid Facial Soap for skin type 3” (Review HERE)


It thoroughly cleanses without leaving any residues and has a cooling effect on my skin. Love it. <3
The procedure: I wet my face.take a pea size amount of the cleanser on my palm,rub it to lather and apply on my face with the fingers in rotating motion for a minute.Then I wash it off with plain water.
In stead of toning i do massaging in the second step.
Currently using  “The Nature’s Co Multi-vitamin Massage Cream.” (Review HERE)


My skin loves the two minute massage everyday morning.It improves the blood circulation,helps in removing dead skin cells and moisturises… all in a single step.
this massage cream has anti aging properties as well…and smells heavenly.A little indulgence in the morning is a really good way to start your day. 😉
The procedure: I take out a small amount of the massaging cream on my palm.On the wet face I dot it all over,then start massaging in upward and outward direction with my fingers.I follow this every single day.Well except for winters 😛 This is the favorite part of my morning skin care routine and I really look forward to it every day. 🙂 After the massaging, I wipe it off my face using a wet towel.Of course you can wash it off with plain water but the use of towel ensures mild scrubbing on the process too.And I am telling you this,nothing soothes my skin better than using a wet towel on it.If you have time the n I suggest you take out some cold water from fridge and dip the towel in the cold water.It feels amazing and is the best way to treat your skin during the summers. When ever I feel its getting too hot I just wet a towel and start wiping my face with it gently. It thoroughly calms my skin.
Here comes the toner.
Currently using”Avon Naturals Rose & Rose Hips Toner”


It soothes really well.Has a cooling effect that lasts for some time and my skin feel thoroughly hydrated. However I must mention here that it is alcohol based.If you don’t like using alcohol based toners then you can use rose-water instead. I’ve heard that a toner without alcohol does not do anything for your pores.So I do not mind using this.With all the massaging and mild scrubbing with the wet towel, the pores are open and you need something to close them and that is why a toner is important.
The procedure: Wet a clean cotton swab with the required amount of toner and swipe it across your face to spread it evenly.Do not rinse.
Moisturisation. Currently using “Lotus Alphamoist Alpha hydroxyl Skin renewal Moisturiser” & “Shiseido White Luscent Brightening Protective Emulsion” (Review HERE) on and off.


Will strongly recommend the lotus moisturiser to everybody with oily or combination skin.It really moisturises well without makin the skin greasy.Gets absorbed quickly and hydrates.One of the best moisturisers for summers. 🙂
To tell you the truth I skip this step most mornings. My skin feels really well hydrated due to the use of TNC massage cream just before the toner.So most of the time I do not need a separate moisturiser. But as and when my skin gets dry I use the moisturisers mentioned above.
If you do not used a massage cream the n I suggest you follow this step religiously. Moisturisation is really really important to maintain a good healthy skin.
The procedure: just take the required amount on you palm and apply it with your fingers in a circular motion.

So that is my own 4 step “CMTM” routine for the morning.Wanted to combine it with my night time routine but its already a long post.So will do that next time. 🙂
Hope this was a helpful post.let me know How you do it ??? Follow the traditional CTM or customize it according to your need. 😉 Would love to know your routine.
jyo 🙂

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