Aroma Magic Fairy Lotion "Fairness Lotion" Review

Do you believe in fairies? No am not going to tell you a Disney fairy story in this post. :P its just that this product on focus today has a unique and interesting name. “Fairy Lotion”. What does that suppose to mean? It turns you into a fairy!! ;) As much as i would have liked that it does not sadly. :P 
I got this when i read about it in one of my AM packs back.Most of the powder face packs by Aroma magic mentions to use the pack mixed with fairy lotion.So i got one.

Price: INR 120/- for 120 ml
The packaging has been revamped to a white n pink bottle.

What It Claims:
My Experience:
The packaging is very basic.A transluscent bottle and a black screw cap with a flip top. 

The cap has a whole to release the lotion.The problem is,the lotion is actually not a lotion.It has water like consistency.I would rather call it a toner.. :| So you have to be careful when you are using it the first time. 


It is colorless and exactly as runny as water.Its not possible to use it like a lotion so what i do is use it with a cotton pad just like a toner if i want to use it alone.Which is very rare. :P I mostly use it in my face packs.


The effect??? None. Atleast i have not noticed anything.It has a weird fragrance.Looks like water.Acts as a replacement to my good old rose water in powder face packs.Thats it.I haven’t noticed any improvement in anything concerned to my skin. Not really the magic wand many of you would expect. :P
My Rating: 2 out of 5 Coz it does not work as per it’s tall claims.
My Recommendation: If we ignore the claims then it could make a decent freshener / toner.But since the claims are high without any effect as such on skin,i am not too fond of it.Its not expensive and does not react badly.So its your call entirely.However I will not repurchase.

Hope this helped you choose.
jyo :)


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