Richfeel Rose Gel

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Whats up! I am having the laziest and awesome-st of time at my mum’s place. 😀 All i do in a day is eat eat and eat and then sleep sleep and sleep. 😛 Isn’t that cool! 😉 Yeah i do manage to do my CTM in the morning n sometimes at night too. 😐 Here is a new addition to my CTMs in the morning.Along with all the things that i do in my morning CTM (Read the post HERE) I also am using it since the last 15days religiously and am sure i know what its like to post a review on it.

Price: INR 175/- for 50 gms.

What it claims:

No ingrdeients list anywhere on the pack.
My Experience:
The packaging is similar to aromamagic packs but cuter with a bright red cap. Has a lid on top to avoid spillage.

It is a rose tinted gel that smells of roses obviously.I somehow like to see the gel in the tub. 😛 love the smell and color.( That does mean more chemicals though! : | ) But it looks so pretty and edible.Just like some jelly. 😀 Have a look your self.

Doesn’t it look yumm!

The texture is like the regular massaging gels.Goes on transparent when you spread it on your skin. What i do is follow the same process as i do with Nature’s Co. Multi vitamin Massage cream.After spreading and massaging it for a minute i add some drops of water on my palm and continue with the massage for next two minutes.

If you ask me about the results i won’t say it is amazing and works miraculously.However it is a good massage cream,especially for the summers.The fragrance is not overwhelming and last only till the first minute of massage.After wiping/washing it off what you are left with is squeaky clean face.More than the glow i notice a clear skin after the use.You can actually feel it if you rub your fingers on the face.It removes any oil and even light makeup from the face effectively.Not like a makeup remover of course. Does not dry but is not too moisturizing either.I can manage without a moisturizer afterwords but if you have dry skin then you will need it for sure.
My Rating: 3.85 out of 5
My Recommendation: Overall its an average massage gel that does not boast too much and works well.Once in a while i like such products that i do not expect a lot from.I will definitely repurchase in summers.Love how fresh and cool it feels on the skin. 🙂 Not a must have but sure you can give it a try.

Hope this helped.
jyo 🙂

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