MAC Sheertone Blush "Peaches" : Swatch & Review

Review by Shivangi

Hello all,

I will tell you two weaknesses of mine- Peach color and MAC. I am sure most of us have these as weaknesses. When MAC meets the color Peach, it has to be something right? I am going to present this beauty from MAC.

This blush is really special to me as it is my first blush from MAC and the only one till date  🙁 . But the review would be unbiased of these facts 🙂. I had bought this blush on my first visit to MAC Store because I loved the way it made me look and I could not walk out without it :P. Well we all have such non sense reasons to buy makeup so you can’t blame me for this pathetic melodrama!

Let me tell you about this blush in detail.

Packaging:The packaging of this blush is very practical. It is sturdy so that you can carry it anywhere. The lid is seeing through, hence you can identify this easily. The name and type of the blush is mentioned at the back too. A fuss free packaging I must say. MAC does not provide a Blush brush with its blushes. At this price, they should have added a brush too.

Price: I bought it for 1150 INR but I hear that the price is now 1350 INR 🙁.
Shade:The color in the pan might look scary Orange but due to the fact that it is Sheertone finish, it comes out beautifully as a Peach color on cheeks. This is the shade you would love to wear when you want to look fresh. It is versatile and I love pairing it with Orange, Peach and Coral lipsticks. It would suit best to fair to medium complexioned gals.

Pigmentation: Since the finish is Sheertone, the pigmentation is not something to worry about. It would take a lot of product to make me look like an Orange-cheeked Joker! I like Sheertone finish because it reduces the chance of going overboard with Blush. But that doesn’t mean that I need to apply a lot of blush on my cheeks to show. Just a single swipe gives my cheeks enough color.

Staying power:The only thing in this Blush which I hoped was better is the staying power! It stays on me for 4-5 hours but retouching a blush in office is not feasible hence I think this should be better for all blushes. All blushes should stay a minimum of 7 hours on us!

Let me tell you the Pros and Cons now:


1. Pretty shade, would suit well to fair to medium gals.

2. Even the gals new to makeup don’t have to worry about getting Clown cheeks

3. Sturdy packaging

4. See through lid helps in identifying the shade easily

5. MAC does not test on animals

6. Only a little quantity is required

7. I did not experience any breakout since I have started using it

8. Goes well with Orange, Coral and Peach lip colors

9. Makes me look fresh


1. Price! Big time!

2. Availability. MAC is not available online too.

3. May not suit Dusky beauties.

I am very happy with my purchase as it perks up my complexion in an instant without being too obvious.

Will I Repurchase? Yes! I am eyeing Gingerly Blush too.

Rating: 4/5 (-1 for Price and less Staying power)

Do I recommend? Yes, I do. Even if it is Pricey but it is quite worth it. If you don’t mind the cost, you would not regret buying it.

ETM Edit* this would make such a pretty everyday blush. 🙂 Nicely reviewed Shivangi.I so hope they stop hiking the price so fast! :/ Am  still a MAC blush Virgin and was going to get one this weekend. 🙁 Will still get one but ouch!! Thats my pocket crying. 😛 Umm how does “Frankly scarlet” sound people!!!? 😉
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