VLCC Chocolate Facial Kit Review

Review by Poorna
Okay, so I think I have this chocolate mania thing going on. The last few days, I have been sleeping, dreaming, and wishing for it… so much so that I have had too much of it. So, I am going on a Juice Diet from today. Which means, next three days the only thing that passes my pretty lips is… you guessed it…. Juice, Juice and more Juice. It is important if you do this diet to know proper guidelines, and I do not recommend this to others. I am doing this because my doctor has advised me to give my poor, abused stomach some rest, and since the Ramadan season is here, I guess I am not the only person who will go hungry. Just that… unlike others, I will go hungry for three whole days, rather 12-14 hours. Anyway, this is my way of saying “I love my body” and I am willing to do anything for it.
So, where was I?
Oh yeah, back to the chocolate.

The chocolate obsession continued, till I spied this Chocolate Facial pack from VLCC. What was my point of attraction, you say? Well, apart from the fact that it was priced at a very reasonable 150/- (I generally pay around 500-800 for chocolate facial in salons, so well… this sounded good) but also because they were giving me a VLCC bathing bar with it, instead of that icky bleach they generally give, or that useless sunscreen.
So, I was a happy puppy! I came back home and promptly started to read the instructions.


Here is the picture displaying said instructions.
I did not follow most of it. I will tell you why
Okay, so the instructions are pretty clear. You get to use the scrub first, then the pack, then the cream and finally the gel.
Yes, that is the order. Read it yourself. Its there. All official. I followed it the first time I used it.
So, first of all, let me tell you the nice stuff about this.
The packaging is okay, to say the most, with four sachets of products in it. There’s a cream, a scrub, a serum and a pack in it. If used judiciously (like me), it will be easily lasting you 2-3 uses (unless you suddenly think of using it all over your back too). After opening, it is best to put them in the deep fridge and use them up within the next 2-3 weeks. The pack says that this can be used every week (though I still don’t know why people go through such a torture called facial every week).
I digress. Sorry.
Now, the first thing to do is to use the scrub, which is basically clear, but with weird dark chocolate cube-like bits in it, which you are supposed to mash up and use with the scrub for that extra glow. As soon as she put it on her palm, my sister popped one of the bits in her mouth and declared that it tasted like soap (well, isn’t it??) and promptly ran to the basin. It smells more like cocoa and vanilla than chocolate, so I was slightly upset that chocolate scent was not there.
So, I was supposed to rub this for five minutes all over my face. #@$%^&*
After five minutes, I washed off. My skin was definitely clearer. Not much else could be noted.
Then, I used the pack. I applied it on me, and then applied it on my sister, and turned on TCM. This is supposed to have Kaolin powder. Maybe that was why it smelled like chocolate and mud. It was an okay feeling. But the problem was that just after I’d applied the pack, my face started to sort of burn and heat up. NO kidding. My sister had the same feeling too, and we both have vastly different skins (she has normal skin and I have oily-super oily combo). So we were very uncomfortable.
Here is the handy dandy obligatory hand filled with the transparent scrub with tiny scrub granules that can be seen, and the chocolate paste.20 minutes later, my pale cream chocolate paste was mostly dry, so I cleaned up, and applied the massage cream which is light cream in color and quite heavy. It is a good idea to add a bit of chilled water to your hand during the massage. I did that and got better results. I massaged and massaged for nearly 6-7 minutes, and since this smelled nice, I took pleasure in massaging it for more time. My sister did my massage for about 10 minutes too.
Then, we toweled off the extra cream, and applied the serum. The chocolate serum smells exactly like cocoa syrup I used to make as a kid, though it tasted horrible. Once again, I could feel a strange burning session but it did not last long. I went to sleep after the ordeal.
Effects: I woke up and I found my skin feeling very supple, and I was sort of glowing. Even my mother, who is a severe critic, complemented me. So, I am happy with what I got.
So, in the end, let’s sum up.
What I Love about this product:
  • Amazing smell and especially on the serum
  • Affordable
  • Scrub works well
  • One pack lasts more than once
  • Comes with a free soap (for now)






What I don’t Love about this product:
  • Once opened, the pack is difficult to carry around
  • When the pack is applied, it gives a slightly burning sensation on skin
  • Massage cream might be too heavy for oily skin
  • Not meant for sensitive skin (my friend broke out)
  • Those who don’t like chocolate will not find this nice






Verdict: 3.5/5
ETM Edit* Chocolate face pack sounds so yumm but i hate fake aromas when it comes to chocolate or coffee. :/ I hv used the Anti tan home facial kit from VLCC and i quite liked it bu then doing a facial at home is so tiresome for lazy me. I enjoy them once in a while but these packs somehow do not interest me much now a days.And this gives a burning sensation too….Umm not for me. 🙁 
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