Faces Canada Lip Pencil- "Coral Red" Swatch & Review

Hello Gals! 🙂
Today i’ll talk about one of my only lip pencil that i am using now a days except for Avon. 😛 Till date i have had only 2 lip liners and both of them go with most lip colors so i never tried any other lip liner but last time when i was at the Faces Canada store i came across this bright coral lip pencil and i had to give this a try. 😀

Price:  INR 249/- for 1.22 gm

What it Claims: 

My Experience: 
We don’t really get all the 25 shades here in India but they do have some basic pinks,nude and reds for all our need. The shade i am talking about is named as Coral Red.Its the exact same shade as per the swatches.

The packaging is sleek classy and a sturdy looking wood with a colored bottom.I like the look of this,though i would have preferred a retractable pencil more. Saves a lot of product and time there but this is also not bad.It sharpens easily with my Lakme dual sharpener.

The shade is a very pretty coral with just a hint of red.The only problem is. this accentuates the lines on the lips so very prominently that its impossible to wear it alone without a gloss,lipstick or just plain balm over it.It does not feel very dry bt then it settles in to the fine lines as if thats what it is made for. :/

The texture is smooth but not as soft as i would have liked.It does not tug but then its not that easy to fill your lips with this.What a shame considering the shade is such a gorgeous one! It lasts for around 3-4 Hrs on its own but definitely helps the lipstick to last longer by 2 hrs if applied below it. If you lovce corals and have a lot of lip colors from the family then this is definitely a good lipliner for you.Otherwise i feel its just a basic lip liner. I have swatched the colorbar lip liners and i know they are definitely way better in terms of texture and so are the liners from Avon.
My Rating: 3.25 out of 5
My Recommendation: Only if you need a coral red lip pencil and can not find it any where. This is not a bad product as such but there is nothing to like also except for the gorgeous shade it self! Get it only if you like the shade or it is easily skip-able.

Hope this helped.
jyo 🙂

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