Swatch Watch: 8 Avon Glazewear Silky Shine Lipsticks

Hello gals! Hows your Weekend coming along??? Hope its a good one. I am feeling so lazy today.So here is a  swatch post again…to cheer you (and myself :P ) all with so many colors. :D 
Avon recently re-lauched the Glazewear Silky Shine lipsticks and you all know i am mad about lipsticks these days.So i grabbed all the shades that were available in the catalogue to show you people. ;) You know how difficult it is catalogue shopping right! Hopefully this will help you out while choosing the right shade for you. :)

Brief About the Range:

As Avon describes it,These are the glossiest lipsticks you would have ever tried anywhere.I really have no idea about the real silk it boasts about but the juicy shine is so good.I have never loved any semi-sheer lipstick so much. <3 I am literally head over heels in love with these.They are creamy,glossy,juicy,shiny and ohh so moisturising on the lips.Some of them have shimmers but they are not those OTT kinds.They add just the right amount of shine to the lips. My lips look so full and so good with these on. Even on the driest of the days it can never go wrong for the lips. :) These stay for an average of 3 to 4 hours depending upon the shade and pigmentation.Will do a detailed review on these soon.But right now just enjoy the swatches. :)
And ohh these smell like peaches girls! Not the fake the real peach! So if you like them then this is a must have but if you don’t then well you will hate the smell. :P
Price: MRP- INR 375/- but you can get these for lesser price on discount.

There are 8 shades in the catalogue.Starting from nudes to brown pink to red.
Here we go!

Juicy Tangerine: 
A pretty juicy coral with tiny-miny shimmers that actually is the USP of this shade i feel. This looks amazingly good on lips and i feel anybody can rock this one.One of my fav. ;) The shimmer and juicy shine just fill your lines and makes the pout look perfect. :)

Sunset: A peachy pink.This one does not have any shimmer. This need a bit of eye makeup to look good on me.If you belong to the Rosy-fair (cool toned) category then i guess you are going to love this a lot!! This one is not for pigmented lips as the shade is more on the sheer side.

Apricot: A peachy coral with fine shimmer.This looks very natural. Again one of my favs. I am surprised but most of my favorites from these range have shimmers. :P

Glam Red: Do i need to say more about this!!! Its an orange based red and you can see how juicy and edible this look. :P This is sans shimmer again but i would have loved the shimmers in this as well. ;) Perfect for those who are new to reds.This actually looks like a very very pigmented lip gloss but feel like a lipstick.

Peach Silk: This is the least favorite of mine. :/ As you can see it is very sheer and my not so pigmented lips kind of look pigmented with this one.I wish this was a bit more pigmented. It will probably look good on very fair skin tone but i am not sure cause it makes one look very pale and ill.I haven’t tried it yet with dark eye makeup so cant comment on that. Will try and update if i can mange to make it work for me.

Nectar: This is again very close to Apricot but the intensity of the color is less here. its more gold than coral. Look like my natural lips with a tinted lip balm. May not be a good choice for people with uneven tone on the lips but if you have uniformly pigmented lips then this will definitely suit you. The shimmer again is lovely.

Coral Bliss: There is nothig coral about it. :P Itt should have been named as Pink bliss i feel cause it is such an amazing true pink.loos lovely on the lips and would suit medium to fair skin tone better. I love love love the feel of this on my lips.

Red Shine: Umm more of a brown-red! Second least favorite shade of mine. :P WIll suit darker skin tones better i feel.I kind of look a little vampy with these but when worn sheerly this does look good! :)

Which one did you like best gals?? :D
Jyo :)


The editor and owner of Everything-That Matters. Loves everything to do with makeup and beauty in general. An Architect by qualification with 4 yrs of on-field experience, but it's beauty blogging that totally changed her outlook and also her career preferences. No wonder its already been 3 years she is blogging now.

32 thoughts on “Swatch Watch: 8 Avon Glazewear Silky Shine Lipsticks

  1. u got alll!!!!!!me fainted…glam red and coral bliss woww….u r suffering fm lippymania..:P n u have such lovely lips..u use any lipscrub kya? my pigmentation just refuses to go..:’(

    • Thanks vandana. :D Bt i neglect my lips so much. :’( They have slight pigmentation now with all the lipstick abuse the yare suffering through! :/ I usually scrub them with the same facial scrub when i am scrubbing my face. :P I lazy to take exclusive care of them bt i love lip balms so keep applying them every few hrs. :)

  2. i am loving all the shades…sunset being my fav but i have that kind of shade from the glazewear dimension lipstick range…they have similar kind of texture na…….

      • ya…..i just swatched that…its sequins pink but has multi reflects shimmer…will do swatches of all the glazewear lipsticks that i have…that will be helpful for all and the price is also the same except for the packaging!!!!!

        • Ohh. Han that would be great! :D I never tried those cause i thought they would be way too shimmery for my taste. :P But after trying these i feel those must be nice too. :)

  3. Jyo, im loving all d shades :-) n ofcourse u made it so easy for us, else it will be hard to choose from d brochure. Thank you :-)

  4. hi….nice shades & lovely packaging (something I dint expect from Avon) loved Apricot & Coral bliss!! & these look pigmented too :)

  5. haawwww..u got all shades??..u r truly becoming a lipstick addict these days Jyo..I liked coral bliss out of the lot..:)

  6. Jyo are these lippies still available, the swatches are so pretty, wanna get these! I loved apricot, nectar, and juicy tangerine !

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