Avon Naturals Restoring "Wild Apple & Grape" Hand and Body Lotion

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Till the time i was at Mumbai, i never felt the need to use a body lotion.So i ended up loosing the habit of using one. :/ Then i shifted to Hyderabad and immediately noticed the dryness in the weather. Started using body lotion again but then slowly i was back to my usual lazy self after the rains got over and weather was all nice. now that winter is knocking at the door i feel a sudden dryness in my body skin.So i have started using them again and i am so happy that its been almost a whole month and i am still diligently regular. 😀
I finished my “Avon Emari body Softener” & “H2O+ Spa Hyderating body butter” this month that i left using half way and now am using this one from the Avon Naturals Range for the day time. 🙂 Yep u heard it right. 😛 From no body lotion to one for day time and one for night sounds like two extremes. 😀 But can’t help it. I am like that only. Unpredictable and mad. 😛 Will review the other one soon. 🙂

Price: INR 79/-for 100 ml
Available for 59/- every few months on offer

What Avon Says about it:

Not all natural!!!

My Experience:
I have normal body skin which stays that way most of the time. I was born in Orissa and then except for 3 yrs at Delhi i have always been in humid climate only.So body lotion was never a habit for me. I always kept one with me for emergencies though!But that was it.i would use it on the driest of days and then forget about it. Now the weather is getting so dry in Hyd that my skin starts to itch if i don’t use anything. 🙁 I hate sticky things on my skin especially when i am straight out of bath. That’s why i started using this one after having read awesome reviews about these on blogosphere. I guess Avon really makes some awesome body softeners and body lotions. 🙂 BTW i am an Avon representative since more than a year and i must have sold so many of these lotions to people around me but feel so dumb to have used it just now. :/

Anyways coming back to the review…it comes in plastic bottles in 100 & 250ml packaging. They do have other varieties in these and as far as i know the papaya one is the best seller..at least for those people i know. :)I somehow wanted to try something more sweet and fruity so ordered this one.It comes in the regular flip cap bottle with a picture of the active ingredients on the front.

The texture is not thick at all.in fact it feels a little runny and spreads super easily. And because of this, the amount needed for each application is way too less than any other lotion i have used so far. The consistency is similar to Avon Emari softener but a little light than that.  

The best part about this is the absorption into skin. Like i have already mentioned i hate gooey,sticky stuff on my skin and this is just perfect for that.See my wrist below after using it on and you will know what i mean. 

It gets absorbed into the skin in a jiffy and you will not feel a trace of oil or stickiness even if you touch t immediately after application….yet skin feels moisturised.Avon suggests using it twice a day to keep the skin moisturised, however if you have dry skin then you may need it more than twice i feel.I use it only once after my bath though!! Cause i anyways use one slightly heavy lotion for the night time on my extreme dry areas. So i have no complaints. 🙂
My Rating: 4 out of 5
My Recommendation: Sure! If you are not residing in the North India that has extreme cold conditions then definitely a must try. This is very light and can be used as a year round moisturiser for the body skin.However if you have extremely dry body skin i wouldn’t suggest you this one as this may not be as moisturising on dry skin. As far as I am concerned I am definitely repurchasing the other variants once i am done with this and my remaining 3 body lotions . 😛  BTW i am loving the Victoria Secret body lotion that i received in my vellvette box a lot too. 😀 but using it sparingly for now. 😉 Will review that one once i am over it. 🙂

Hope that helped!
jyo 🙂

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