DIY: Homemade Ginger Oil for Hair and Body

How to make ginger oil for hair and body

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Recently I was doing research on home remedies for dandruff and came across the amazing world of ginger oil. High quality pure ginger oil is very expensive since it takes a lot of ginger to get a small quantity of oil. Ginger is a magic herb that is extensively used in Indian cooking and also extremely useful in daily life for colds, flu, cough, nausea, morning sickness, motion sickness, digestion issues, muscle pains, joint pains etc. It is basically warming and energizing in nature and helps to fight depression and loneliness. πŸ™‚
how to make ginger oil for hair
Ginger is very effective against hair fall, dandruff, for rejuvenating damaged follicles due to chemical treatments like coloring and rebonding. It is not much used in hair care products, maybe because not everybody can tolerate it. When using ginger essential oil or ginger-infused oil, try it out on a small area to test for tolerance and allergy response and then use on scalp and skin.
how to make ginger oil for hair
If you have essential oil of ginger mix one-two drops of it with few tablespoons of sesame oil or olive oil and apply on scalp. Wait only 5 to ten minutes (it is quite strong) and wash off with shampoo. If you don’t have time to make the oil, mix ΒΌ tsp grated ginger with 1 tablespoon olive or sesame oil apply to scalp and wash off after ten minutes.

How to make ginger-infused oil at home:

Wash and peel a piece of ginger. Dry on cloth or paper towel completely. Make about one full tablespoon of grated ginger. Heat one small teacup sesame oil or olive oil in low heat. Add grated ginger to it. Fry till all the water is evaporated and ginger is crispy and dark brown. Do not leave the oil unattended, it may burn. Allow oil to cool off and sieve ginger crumbs. You can leave the crispy bits of ginger in it but on application it will be a bit messy. Your homemade ginger oil is ready! πŸ™‚
how to make ginger scalp oil
Usage: It is excellent oil for chronic and stubborn dandruff issues, hair fall due to chemical treatments where follicles have been damaged. Ginger increases circulation to scalp and olive and sesame oil has anti-inflammatory and rejuvenating properties. Before applying on scalp, apply some drops on tiny bit of scalp. If it burns you too much, don’t use it. Apply adequate amount of oil to scalp for 20-30 minutes (not for long) and wash off with shampoo. Do this about twice or thrice a week and see after a month if dandruff disappears. After that do this only twice or thrice a month. Do not make this a daily frequent oil since it has slight bleaching properties.
If you have muscle ache issues, joint pains etc, apply a few drops on affected area. Apply a drop on back of hand and inhale for nausea.
how to make ginger sandalwood oil
You can combine the homemade ginger oil with jojoba, lavender, rose, chamomile, rosemary, or sandalwood oils according to preference.

Some beauty uses of ginger:

Pain relief and brightening body oil: Add some saffron to ginger oil and you can use this for body massage before bath. Refreshes you after work.
Ginger oil beauty benefits for body skin

Detoxifying foot soak:Β Add some grated ginger to warm water and keep feet in for 20 minutes. Relaxing foot soak which clears up skin and refreshes you.

Good for white scars (hypo-pigmentation): Apply ginger juice on white spots every day and leave the juice on. Results are seen in two weeks usually.
Ginger-lemon body scrub:Combine crushed ginger, lemon juice, sugar and olive oil. Enjoy a refreshing body scrub.
Ginger oil beauty benefits for body skin
Don’t forget to do allergy testing first!
Tell me your favorite ginger recipes or ginger infused products you have used. πŸ™‚
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