Vedic Line "Lychee Shake’ Cleansing Milk: Swatch & Review

Review by Smitha

Hi Everyone!
This is a review on Vedic Line Lychee Shake Cleansing Milk

Price:   Rs.110 for 100ml and Rs 200 for 200ml 

Shelf life: 36 months from packaging date 

What Vedic Line claims about the product?
Shakes & cleanses make up & grease. Keeps skin soft. 

To use: Apply a few drops on skin. Massage gently for 2 to 3 minutes & clean it with a damp cotton pad.


My experience:
Vedic Line Lychee Shake Cleansing Milk comes in a see through plastic bottle with a flip cap; we can squeeze/pump the product out from the hole in the flip cap. The Plastic bottle is quite sturdy!


The texture of Vedic Line Lychee Shake Cleansing Milkis thick and creamy .The smell of the lychees is very pleasant and extremely mild and stays on for quite some time. It spreads easily onto the skin and also comes off easily without leaving any greasy feeling. The skin becomes squeaky clean without any stretchiness. It does remove the eye makeup (eyeliner/kajal) and foundation effectively.

The GOOD: 
  • Easy to use, travel friendly packaging.
  • Pleasant smell of lychees.
  • Very creamy and light consistency.
  • Removes dirt and make up.
  • Affordable.
  • Availability is an issue.
Overall Verdict: 

Vedic Line Lychee Shake Cleansing Milk is light weight cleansing milk which smells of lychees .It removes dirt and makeup from the face making the skin very clean. It provides softness and moisture to the face without leaving the skin greasy or tight. It is quite an affordable product and also travel friendly. Definitely worth a try! 

Rating:  4/5 

ETM Edit* I love lychees.. 😀 this sounds yumm to me. And so inexpensive. 😉 Does it remove waterproof make up as well smitha?? Like long wear lipsticks and kajal?? If yes then i am definitely going to try it soon. 😀

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