Clinique ‘Take The Day Off" Makeup Remover For Lids, Lashes & Lips

Review by Christina

Price: INR 1,400

Quantity: 125 ml
This is a very good make up remover dissolves make-up easily and quickly lifts away normal and water-proof make-up without tugging and damaging your eyes or skin.  It is ophthalmologist tested and appropriate for those who wear contact lenses.

Now Clinique’s make-up remover is designed to ‘take the day off’.  That literally means all the makeup that has been applied on your face through the day.  It can be used for any skin type, on your eye lids/lashes and on your lips.  It is very gentle and does not sting the eyes or skin.

Clinique suggests you use it in the following way.  Start with one eye at a time. Shake the bottle well before you use it to activate the bi phase or to let the oil mix and then get some on a cotton ball or pad. Hold the cotton pad over the make up for about 5 seconds and then swipe with downward strokes. You can repeat once more with a fresh cotton ball if needed.  The same goes for lipstick removal.  Rinse with cool water and no need for any soap.

Although I always advice people to test products first and then buy them, in this case I decided not to follow my own advice and ended up regretting my purchase.  My experience with this remover is well good and not good.  Love and hate. It is very effective and takes off makeup in a single swipe.Sometimes two swipes and does an excellent job with water-proof make up as well.  I have sensitive skin and it has never irritated my skin ever.  


The problem lies in the fact that it gives me cloudy vision.  What is cloudy vision? Well,every oil (silicone) based eye make-up causes this to happen if you get a little extra in your eyes.  Your vision gets blurred for a little bit and then clears up.  It does not mean its harming your eyes but it is very uncomfortable for a bit.

No matter how careful I am, it still happens. It also happens with MAC’s cleansing oil and I quit using both of them for some time now and switched to Lancome’s Bi-Facil make up remover.  It has never once given me cloudy vision.  Could it be that the product is inferior to Lancôme? It does leave a little bit of an oily residue behind but does not burn or sting the eyes, even if you get a bit extra inside.
As for the scent well, there is hardly any.  When I open the bottle I always get a faint whiff of astringent.  The pale purple coloured bottle is also nice and sturdy.  It is made of plastic, not glass and can be stored and carried easily.
Always, try the products that you want to buy.  Wear water-proof make up and get the S.A. to take if off for you.  Make sure you always invest in ophthalmologically tested eye make-up removers.  Your eyes are very precious and you cannot afford to play the fool with them.   Make sure it is also suitable for your skin type. Keep good eye make-up removal cotton pads and buds at hand so that you do not have to use cloth and tissue for removal.  These will help with the cleaning and go easy on the wrinkling. 🙂
In India you can find 2 more variants of the same cleansing product
  • Balm 125 ml that costs INR 2,000 and comes in a tub
  • Milk 200 ml that costs INR 1,600 and comes in a bottle with a dispensing nozzle
  • Clinique is a well trusted and internationally renowned brand.
  • Ophthalmologist tested
  • Gentle formula
  • Non-irritating
  • Non-stinging
  • Appropriate for contact lens wearers
  • Appropriate for sensitive skin
  • Bottle packaging is sturdy and travel friendly
  • The same formula is available as a cleansing milk and a balm


  • Available only at Clinique counters in select malls in select cities
  • Expensive
  • Gives me cloudy vision
  • One size only
Rating: 2/5 from me
My Recommendation: I bought it once and regretted it.  I think if you are going to spend INR 1,400 then you might as well add INR 400 more and get Lancôme’s Bi-Facil.  It does its job of make-up removal pretty well but makes my vision cloudy for little over a minute.  That really takes the pleasure out of using such an expensive eye make-up remover.

ETM Edit* When I started reading, I was expecting it to be a really good product. Obviously it is not, considering the price. Why would someone want to compromise after spending over 1000 bucks on a product. :/ Nice review Christina. 🙂 

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