Colorbar True Gloss Lip Gloss "Radiant Pink": Swatch, Review, LOTD & FOTD

Review by Lee

Ravishing pink..Radiance Pink.. Romantic pink..errr I suck with names (I was telling the twinny how pretty Vintage Rose True Gloss is by calling it Autumn yeah :p ) but Colorbar could have easily named this gorgeous gloss the above names and it would’ve suited it to the T. The gloss in question is Colorbar’s True Gloss in the shade Radiant Pink (Aha! Finally got it right) .

Price: Rs 495 for 3.8ml 
When these true glosses were launched last year I stuck my ground and resisted spending 500 bucks on Colorbar (once upon a time Colorbar was quite cheap) that too for such bold shades that a teenager like me can’t wear often. But lately I’ve been feeling low and pampering myself is the best pick me up. So off I went on my shopping spree and this gorgeous baby was one of the purchases. And girls let me tell you, Make up can surely buy you happiness. 😉



It comes in a long cylindrical tube with a silver top. It has a sponge doe foot applicator that applies the product evenly. I always love Colobrar’s packaging. It’s attractive, handy and functional. 

The silver carton contains the list of ingredients, date of expiry and other necessary details.

Radiant pink is a bright almost neon peachy pink. The shade is bound to grab attention and is an absolute must have for bold lip lovers. I’ve been reaching for this every weekend even if its just a trip to the mall .Yes! The mall!! What can I say? I just can’t resist it. I want to wear this all the time 😀 

I think it will suit fair to medium skin tones beautifully. It might not suit dusky skin tones but if you have the right attitude I’m sure anybody can rock this shade.
Texture & Finish: 

The true glosses have a thick creamy and buttery texture which does not feel heavy or sticky. They moisturize my lips well and give a glossy healthy finish to the lips. They settle to a semi matte finish after an hour. However, they do tend to settle in fine lines so proper exfoliation is a must!
Pigmentation & Staying Power: 

The gloss is highly pigmented and a single swipe gives an opaque finish. I feel it’s more of a glossy lipcream than just a gloss. Girls with pigmented lips will love it to the core as it easily covers pigmentation of lips.
The staying power is extremely high and lasts a long long time. It stays put for 4-5hrs with full intensity after which it settles into a strong lip stain that does not budge until you remove it with a makeup remover. It survives heavy meals and drinks which is a definite yay for me.
Price & Quantity: 

It’s a top notch high quality gloss which I believe justifies the price. However, I couldn’t help but notice the empty patch of the tube after just 3-4 uses L The long slender tube might fool you into believing that it contains a huge quantity but it is just 3.8ml. The lowest among ALL my glosses! Even the Colorbar’s Star shine glosses which retail at a lower price provide 6ml of quantity. Maybe I’m just nitpicking because I know I’ll finish it soon due to my regular usage but I do find it a wee bit pricey for the quantity provided.
On me!
  • A bright peachy pink that instantly grabs attention
  • Creamy yet non sticky texture
  • Highly pigmented and will easily cover pigmented lips
  • Extremely high staying power
  • Survives big meals and drinks
  • Colorbar does not test on animals 😀 
  • Tends to settle into fine lines
  • A wee bit pricey for the quantity provided 
My rating: 4/5 

My recommendation: Radiant Pink is an attention grabbing peachy pink. It is highly pigmented and lasts throughout the day. I will definitely recommend Colobar’s true gloss range especially Radiant Pink if you love bright neon pinks. I’m already planning on picking up 2 more shades. 🙂

ETM Edit* Lee…you look like a doll with this.

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