Lakme Enrich Satin Lip Color "145" : Swatches, Review, FOTD And Dupe

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I am back with another Lakme Enrich Lipstick and this time a coral pink. 🙂 This is again a part of the new launch and now that I look at the shades I picked up, I am not surprised that I already have those exact dupes with me already. :/ Guess I need to start experimenting now. Its not good for the wallet as well as my collection if I keep buying the same shades from different brands again and again. 😐 And Lakme…Please introduce some NEW fun shades. I could hardly find some 2,3 colors I can wear except for those browns and maroons. 🙁
Anyways coming back to the lipstick..its the shade “145

Price: 225/-
Already reviewed shades from the same range : Shade No.148
My Experience:
Nothing to mention about the packaging. Same old maroon-golden case. Travel friendly and sturdy but would have loved it if we could check the color from out side. As it is the names are so confusing.It does not help with an opaque packaging when we are searching for one particular shade. :/


The shade 145 is a pale coral pink that comes out as a bright coral in direct harsh sunlight and a pale coral-pink in natural light. I love both the shades on me so no complaints! O:)


On tube it does look like a coral brown but surprisingly there is no brown when you swatch it. The coral in it may look a bit neon-ish on dusky beauties. So If you are dusky and in search of a bright lipstick that has a neon hint and is wearable at the same time, go for this. On my medium-fair complexion it comes out as a pale coral pink. I have a feeling it would come out even more pinker on lighter skin tone.
Swatch under direct harsh sunlight!


Swatch in natural light!

The texture is creamy and buttery but not too moisturising on lips. It glides on smoothly but sits on the lips without softening it.So you have to exfoliate your lips before hand or it looks really bad on the dry flakes if any. Check my LOTD. :'( After some time the glossy ness fades and it settles into a satin finish with just the right amount of shine.
Pigmentation is again not too opaque and not too sheer. You can layer it on if you need opaque finish and just have one swipe if you like semi sheer color on your lips. In the above LOTDs I have 4 swipes on! O:)
It stays on for 3 hrs pretty easily and after that it leaves a distinct coral stain behind which again lasts for 2 hrs. If you hate touch ups you can wear a lip liner beneath and it will stay on and on for really long. Tried and tested. 🙂
BTW these taste horrible. :/ No I don’t eat my lipsticks. Don’t know how but some lipstick got into my mouth and it tasted yuck. However the smell is not bad! I kind of liked the fruity smell these lipsticks have. But do sniff before you buy cause many people hate the smell. 😛
My Rating: 3 out of 5
My Recommendation: While I love the color, I wish it wouldn’t just sit on my lips like that. i like no-fuss lipsticks and exfoliation before wearing one is too much for a lazy soul like me. if you are fine with it you can try this shade or else just skip. Anyway I am giving you a much better option as the dupe. So not to worry if you liked the shade too much but don’t like the finish. O:)
On Me!
The Dupe:
Can you see how close these two are.Its really hard to tell the difference in one swipe but with two swipes Avon Rosewine is a little more on the pink side..and thats what makes it a lot more wearable.
If you compare the finish of both, Rosewine is creamier and opaque while Lakme 145 is buttery and semi- sheer. Rose wine has a depth that Lakme lacks. Both of them stay on for around the same amount of time but the feel and look when you wear Rosewine is much better than Lakme. If you ask me I’ll go for Rosewine any day.  Here is a link to the post where I am wearing Rosewine. 🙂
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