MAC Lustre Lipstick "Plumful": Review, Swatches, LOTD and FOTD

Review by Agnirupa
Hello there my ETM beauties :-*

You guys tell me what do we want names on our lippies for?? So that before buying we have a clear idea how the shade is going to be and we try on those lippies whose name sounds apt for us. I detest plums! Absolutely dislike the mature plummy sallow dark color which does nothing for me except making my lips appear more pigmented. :-/ So I flee as soon as I hear any lippie name with. *plum*.
So I never paid attention to this certain MAC *Plumful* until I accidentally stumbled across it and I was astounded by its name and by the lack of *plum* in it. 😀 I don’t get it MAC! You name something *Plumful* as if it is full of plum color *eye roll* and it turns out that I was a “fool” to think it would be plum. Let’s change it to *Plumfool* then, 😛  tomfoolery plumfoolery. 😛 ok ok fine!!! I am going to my review.

What MAC says:

MAC Plumful  is described as a “blossoming rose-plum” with a Lustre finish.
Price: 990 Rs *thankfully it belongs to the permanent range*
My take on the product:
The lipstick of course comes in MAC standard black and silver packaging with a tight click cap which makes it safe for travelling. 🙂

Oohh you can’t stop me if I get started on the texture and finish I am warning you all. 😛 Amplified has always been my favorite finish ever since I have known MAC but ohh why didn’t I know lustre finish would be this succulent and yummy and glossy *in lippie heaven*. 😀 The texture is soft, glossy, semi-opaque and dream smooth and applies like a feather even over dry lips!  It does not settle into fine lines at all and instantly transforms my pout into the most healthy juicy one I have seen. 😉


The color Plumful *coughh coughhh* is not at all plum. 😀  Since it is a bit on the sheer side a bit of your own lip color would also show and transform the color a little bit. *_* On me, Plumful is a lovely sweet rosy pink which I can wear every single day irrespective of a party, errand or a date. 🙂 It is that color for me which is both sophisticated and glamorous and which gives me no second thoughts. O:)


In low light/flash mode though sometimes I find a hint of pinky plum which thankfully doesn’t bother me. 🙂 On ladies with pigmented lips however I am guessing it might be a darker pink bordering on plum,but PlumFUL? No way. *satisfied smirk*


Coming to the lasting power, well since it is slick it does last a lot lesser than our matte and amplified finishes but even so, it lasts 4+ hours without meals which makes me pretty happy. 🙂 I don’t mind touching up! After it fades, my lips still remain soft and hydrated! So no drying!

Oh and of course it has the typical MAC vanilla smell we love <3
Pros of MAC Plumful Lipstick :
  • Typical travel friendly classy MAC packaging 🙂
  • It comes in lustre finish which is awesomely smooth,glossy and soft 🙂
  • Does not dry out lips even after fading. 🙂
  • The color is a beautiful rosy pink shade combining both glamour and class. ^_^
  • It is semi-sheer in texture and color intensity can be built up to give lips a soft and juicy finish as desired. 🙂
  • Yummy vanilla fragrance!
  • Lasts for about 3-4 hours on me before fading evenly. 🙂
Cons of MAC Plumful Lipstick :
Noneee 😀 Well of course there is the name itself. 😛 but I refuse to let my mental block intervene. O:)
My rating: 5/5 *bingo* 😀
Do I recommend? Hehe well ladies what do you think. *_* Just go and check this color out. 😀 You are bound to be in insta love 🙂 ) The finish is glossy, smooth and plumps up lips giving it a flush of healthy rosy color ! Plumful is one color which I feel would be universally flattering on fair and dusky beauties alike 🙂 ) It is one of those magic colors which settles down on everyone, adjusting itself. 🙂 Grab it if you find it in stock!
The swatches- (taken in daylight)


My LOTD- (without any lip balm/gloss above or beneath)

With flash- (a hint of plum giving itself away ladies?)

My FOTD- *dressed up for a date 😉 *


ETM Edit* To tell you the truth I never liked the lustre finish in MAC lipsticks. Always felt that these are over-hyped ..I could never get it why people spend 1000 bucks on a sheer lip color that wouldn’t even last long…Now I think I should give these a chance. 🙂 This  looks gorgeous on you. I kind of like the see through effect it has on your lips. <3 And as usual you look absolutely flawless and pretty! 🙂

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