Vega Professional Makeup Brush "PB06" Review

Review by Lee

Hello Beauties,

There’s a huge dearth of affordable good quality brushes in India however Vega’s Professional range of brushes looks quite promising and today I’m going to review an eye shadow brush –PB 06 from their range. 

Product Description:

This brush has been designed for the even spreading and blending of Eye Shadow. The special shape of this brush is specially designed for the eyes so that the deposit is not made in patch but gets distributed evenly. Always use a separate brush for each color. One brush should be kept for shading and one brush should be kept for highlighting. 
Price: Rs 220/- 
My Experience: I’ve always created my looks using a single Faces Eye shadow Brush which is of extremely good quality and I never felt the need for another brush. However using one single brush for both the lighter and darker shades can be disastrous and I wanted to try Vega’s professional range so I ordered this brush. 

PB-06 is a flat eye shadow brush which is densely packed but not as much as my Faces eye shadow brush.

It has a long matte black handle and due to the matte finish it does not attract fingerprints. I find the length quite comfortable to work with. It is not mentioned what type of hair the bristles are made of but it picks up the right amount of eye shadow and gives a decent color pay off. 

It also works well for blending your lid eye shadows. What I like the most is the width of the bristles. Most Indian women have big eyes and the bigger width of the bristles save a lot of time. The Faces eye shadow brush is smaller and it used to take quite a bit of time to cover my whole “canvas”. So kudos to Vega for that. I’ve washed this 3-4 times and it hasn’t shed 1 bristle yet . 

I find the tip of the brush precise enough to define my crease or apply eye shadows on my lower lash line. So its quite a multi-dimensional brush :D 

I haven’t seen Vega’s professional range of brushes in the stores and I think its only available online. 
  • Good Quality Eyeshadow brush
  • Blends the lid shades nicely
  • Does not shed
  • Can be used for defining your crease or applying eyeshadow on your lower lid
  • Affordable 


  • Only available online 
Overall, I’m really impressed with Vega’s PB 06 brush. It’s a decent quality brush which is well priced so if you’re looking for an affordable good quality eye shadow brush in India then you should definitely give it a try.

ETM Edit* This sounds really nice Lee and quite affordable too. I haven’t tried many Vega brushes except for one foundation brush and one fan brush (which is still nicely packed even after one year :P ). I have one eye shadow brush from Basicare and it just refuses to transfer any color on my eye lids. :/ I think Vega professional does make good brushes at a reasonable price. I was considering faces but I think I should pick this up now. Nice review.


The editor and owner of Everything-That Matters. Loves everything to do with makeup and beauty in general. An Architect by qualification with 4 yrs of on-field experience, but it's beauty blogging that totally changed her outlook and also her career preferences. No wonder its already been 3 years she is blogging now.

22 thoughts on “Vega Professional Makeup Brush "PB06" Review

  1. err…i dont even understand the b of brushees so i hv nothng to say here excpt dat i lov my bhainsu twinny n if she hs sd dis s a good brush it must b O:)

    • Oooooh i love the kryolan ones!! They’ll always be my first choice when it comes to brushes..Hope u find them!

  2. he he why is it still packed jyo? well i know u have a naturally glowing skin but i really love using it for applying the highlighter.i feel like a pro :D ..use karna when u get all dolled up for us :D

    I think u should pick up both. I believe the faces one blends the lid shades better due to the tapered profile but i prefer the length n width of the vega brush..The faces brush is extremely cheap at 80 bucks so u might as well pick both :)

    • Hehe. Ok will try using the fan brush soon. Highlighter ke naam se hi I feel like a 1000 watt bulb. :P
      Ohh 80 bucks only. O.o That’s news to me. Then I should pick both of them for sure. O:) Thanks for letting me know. :)

      • ha ha plus u dont need it. U have naturally glowing skin :* yeah that normal faces eyeshadow brush that u get online is for 80 bucks or so unless they’ve increased the price :/ patana how u find them :)

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