Pond’s White beauty All-in-One BB+ Fairness Cream SPF 30 PA++ : Swatch & Review

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I know lot of you people are yet to try this newly launched BB cream from Pond’s. I myself was not too keen on this one but when I saw the smaller 9gm pack at health and glow I just picked it up for review purpose. Have been using it for more than 2 weeks now and here is the review before I finish off the whole tube. O:)
Pond's BB Fairness Cream Review
Price: INR 69/- for 9 gms, INR 129/- for 18 gms

What Pond’s claims: 

Pond's BB Cream Review India

Usage directions and Ingredients:

Pond's BB Fairness Cream Review
My Experience: 
like I told you it was one of those random picks that we do while shopping for something else. I never gave this BB cream a closer look before and after getting this I was amazed to see Pond’s marketing it as a fairness cream. 😐 I think brands feel if they attach the very word fairness to a product, It will become a hit with people in Indian market. Why couldn’t they just sell it as a BB cream. 🙁 Anyways coming back to the product, it comes in a classy packaging.
Pond's BB Fairness Cream Review

The outer cardboard cover and the inside tube, both look chic and classy. For the price it comes for the packaging is way too good.  The sleek tube, white body and silver cap, I love everything about its look.

Pond's White beauty BB Fairness Cream Review

The nozzle tip is great and gives you control over how much you need each time. The texture is very emollient but it is not one to give you dewy finish.It sets in to matte finish without needing any touch up of powder to set on your skin. I have normal skin with an oily T zone and I still feel it performs better with a moisturiser beneath. So it will suit oily skin nicely as well. You may need a finishing powder and few touch ups to make it work through out the day. For me it works wonderfully well all day even without a powder on top. It looks really fresh even at the end of the day.
The swatch!

Pond's White beauty BB Fairness Cream Swatch

After spreading!

Pond's White beauty BB Fairness Cream Swatch

You can see how thick the cream is. However I don’t face any issue while blending it. The only problem with this is, you have to have a good skin if you want to use this and love this. It kind of sticks to the imperfections and highlights them in a not so good way. For example, it sticks to the the dry flaky area on the side of my nose and I can see the product sticking to the skin there unless I pay special attention.On a clean exfoliated and moisturised face it works really really well. So If you have an uneven skin then make sure at least you have a clean surface to work on.
The coverage!

Pond's BB Cream Swatch And Review

If you compare it to the Maybelline BB cream then this one gives you a better coverage. Medium coverage but better for everyday use. It hides minor imperfections really well but will not conceal bumps or major acne marks. I had few fresh red pimple marks a week back and while it concealed the redness, it failed to hide those marks and as I have already mentioned, an uneven surface is not good for this product. So Initially I was not too fond of this. But as my marks have faded and the bumps are gone it gives me a much more better finish. <3
The color is a bit too yellow in my opinion.You can see it in the swatch as well. I have mixed undertones and while pink base looks too pink, yellow also kind of looks too yellow on me. While this looks too obvious on my wrist on my face it kind of adjusts itself to my skin tone. It is just a tad bit dark on me but it sets in to my tone in two minutes flat. I like the maybelline BB cream better in this aspect.
The finish it gives is matte. I like how Maybelline BB cream looks on skin better. That gives a polished look to face with a visible glow. This one gives you better coverage and brightens up your face sans the polished healthy dewy glow of Maybelline. And when I say brightens I really mean it. There are some days when your skin is at its best and just looks fresh, clean and bright!! This has a similar effect on the skin. 🙂
My Rating: 4 out of 5
My Recommendation: Though I did not like it much initially I am quite liking it now. It is an excellent tinted moisturiser suitable for all skin types that lasts all day long and gives you a fresh brightened even complexion. I have not used Garnier BB Cream, so can not really compare that with this one but if I have to pick, then I like this one better than maybelline right now. If you are in search of a tinted moisturiser for regular usage then yes. if it is fairness that you are looking for.no. It would just brighten up your face.It does not make you fair.

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