Forest Essentials Mashobra Honey and Vanilla Hair Cleanser-Conditioner: A Preview

Hello gals!
I got few requests to review the Forest Essentials Shampoos and Conditioners I got from my last Mumbai Haul. Since I have been able to use it only thrice till now, I am doing a preview post to give you a basic idea about it. Currently using this Mashobra Honey & Vanilla duo. Obviously can not use all of them together. 😛 A detailed review will follow soon once I use it for some more time. 🙂

Forest Essentials Mashobra Honey and Vanilla Hair Cleanser:

This is again a mild cleanser like the “Indian Rose absolute” I reviewed few months back. A light brown viscous liquid that does not lather much on dirty or oiled hair. If you like your shampoo to lather well then you may not like it for this. Do not expect the usual vanilla fragrance out of it. It has a weird vanilla smell that may be very strong for many of you. The more I use it the more I detest it. :/ Have used it thrice and I feel it is not as moisturising for my dry hair as I would have liked. Let’s see if I can feel any change over further usage.


Forest Essentials Mashobra Honey and Vanilla Hair Conditioner:

This looks exactly like milk cream. White, creamy and not too thick. Has the same weird aroma but not as strong as the shampoo. Unlike the “Indian Rose Absolute“Conditioner, I need a lot of product for one time use, which is why this is not as cost effective. It does its job well but there is no visible shine or bounce. It does not weigh down my hair even with too much of product, which is a good thing.

Overall View:

I use both of them together and the fragrance stays in my hair till it is all dry and then fades into a mild but same weird vanilla fragrance that lingers on for a day. Overall I am not too happy with these yet. I find them decent but not amazing hair care products. All I can say is, I will give these more time to judge their effectiveness. If you have dry hair and you were waiting for this review, then hold on for a while. I will be doing a detailed post soon. If you have normal or oily hair, then you can go ahead. 🙂 If you hate strong smelling things then skip even without a second thought.
BTW “Mashobra” is a small town in Shimla. Funny that I used to think it is the name of this particular variety of Honey that FE has used in this product. O:) 😛

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