MAC Amplified Creme Lipstick "Chatterbox": Swatches, Review and LOTD

Review by Agnirupa

HEY ladies 😀
IMO a product name can make/break its destiny! Agree?? Well I mean I always lust after delicious and catchy sounding things. 😀 and a lipstick can be no exception O:) that’s the first reason for me to be attracted towards this particular MAC lipstick in – Chatterbox. 🙂 Doesn’t it remind you of a cute wrapped pink box which goes chatter-chatter in a high pipsqueak voice? 😀 *err…it doesn’t?-/*
For girls chatterbox is ahem a very commonly heard term *specially from their class teachers at PTA meetings! :P* 😀 and somehow very cute and attractive too 🙂 😀 No wonder I gravitated towards the lippie and brought it home! *yes I  did try it but under the store lighting well..:(*

What MAC says:

MAC describes Chatterbox as bright red pink in an Amplified finish. *red? :-/ either I am blind or MAC is*
Price: Rs 990/- *permanent collection of course :)*
My take on the product:
The lipstick comes in the regular black and silver MAC packaging with a click lock cap for easy travelling. 🙂
The lipstick comes in an Amplified cream finish which is needless to mention one of the most popular and sought after finishes as it gives the pigmentation of the matte range and creaminess of the cremesheens! * I love lustre finishes wayyy more though :D* The pigmentation is great and goes opaque in just 1-2 swipes 🙂 It applies without any hassles/tugging even on dry lips. 🙂

The color is a milky bright Barbie pink ! and even though I love cooler toned pinks even more than warm ones I just could not pull this one off. :-/ I loved the color so much on various blogs, skin tones, complexions but failed to make it work on myself :-/ It clashes with my particular skin tone and makes me look ill and crazy. 🙁 It works beautifully on most fair-medium ladies though


The lasting power of the lipstick is awesome as always and lasts a good 4-5 hours before fading into a pink tint. 🙂 On un-exfoliated lips though, bewareeee! It has an awful tendency to settle and highlight the fine lines and dry patches on lips so………


Pros of MAC Chatterbox lipstick:

  • Classy convenient MAC packaging 🙂
  • Great pigmentation goes on opaque in 1-2 swipes!
  • Smooth, creamy application even on dry lips 🙂
  • Lasting power is good, well through 4-5 hours 😀
  • Yummy vanilla fragrance!
Cons of MAC Chatterbox lipstick:
  • It fades unevenly on dry lips and has a terrible tendency to settle into fine lines and accentuate flakiness :-/
  • The bright milky pink stands out too much on my skin tone 🙁
My rating: 3/5 (-1 for uneven fading and -1 for clashing on my skin though that’s my fault for choosing this 😛 *
Do I recommend? If you are looking for a bright milky Barbie pink this summer, this might just be the one for you 😀 But do try it on at the store and look at yourself under natural light to make sure it’s worth your 990/- otherwise *cringe* 🙁 and do make sure your lips are properly prepped before you apply this! Otherwise’s not gonna be a pretty sight 😛 Even though I have seen it work so well on fair-medium skinned ladies I somehow dislike it on me and would not want to repurchase ever. 😐
My Swatches: (taken in daylight)

And my LOTD *statutory warning* (without any lip balm/gloss)


Till next time while I bang my head for the rare MAC lippie which did not work out for me you guys stay beautiful and keep smiling

ETM Edit* I won’t say lovely this time. 😛 When I swatched this for the first time, I fell in love. Tried it on and all the love went kaput. :/ Hubby was disgusted to see me in this shade and asked me to remove “whatever it is on my lips” lol! He wouldn’t even call it a lipstick. 😛 This is a beautiful shade but somehow very difficult to work on warm Indian skin tone. Lovely lip swatches as always Agni. 😀

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