Maybelline Colorsensational High Shine Gloss "080 Gleaming Grenadine" : Swatch, Review and LOTD

Review by Poorna

This post is dedicated to AgnirupaAcharya, because she was the one who told me that I would rock a dark, less sheer shade from Maybelline’s new range of glosses. I present to you, Gleaming Grenadine, the red from the range.
Priced at a very affordable 350/- these 5 ml. beauties are ultimate value for money. I got myself Captivating Coral for the day, but then came along Madam Gleaming Grenadine, and I was in love. FYI, Grenadine is one of my favorite things on this planet; a syrup that is made with pomegranate and sugar, which you will find in a number of mixed drinks, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic. The color is a lovely raspberry, which by the way, this is not, but look at the color and you will forgive Maybelline for the little transgression with names.

Gleaming Grenadine is a beautiful shade of red with tinges of shimmers in it which does not translate to my lips very much. Indeed, only after I used a flash to take pictures did I see any presence of shimmers, and that too was very well-controlled and showed my pout off to an advantage.
If you are a regular follower of ETM then you would see the numerous shades already reviewed, and the fact that the glosses are non-sticky, extremely easy to apply, has a sturdy, easy-to-locate, travel-friendly package, a slanted applicator which makes this gloss easy to use, and also this smells slightly like Parle Orange Lozenge, and I don’t think I should repeat much in that area. I would rather talk about the color.
This wonderful color, to be very particular.
The color itself is semi-sheer, and totally buildable, and whether you want to apply it as a stain, or matte it down for a semi-sheer lipstick, or use it as it is like a gloss, it will work out well in the end for you. On my slightly pigmented lips, the color translates into a lovely shade of sheer red, quite similar to MAC Lady Bug, which is a wonderful beginner’s red from MAC.
Without flash!

With flash!

If you notice closely, you would see that I have a little beauty mark on my lower lip and it does not get totally covered by the color, I can still see it (but then again I am used to seeing it). However it makes a very good indicator for the opacity of the color, and until I layer this color on with a trowel, I do not see the mark covered; so I would say this gloss is semi-opaque with very good coverage. The color is glossy, attention grabbing and red.
I personally feel that this is a color which can be carried off perfectly by most lips, whether fair or dusky. I personally prefer applying a liner before putting this lipstick on, as without liner the color has the tendency to bleed a bit. But, overall, this shade has a wonderful texture which I love a lot. You can see the slight bleeding from the lip swatches if you notice carefully, so make sure you cover well, and carefully.
The staying power is GOOD to say the very least. Unlike Captivating Coral, which become a lip stain after a couple of hours, this color stays on my lips, glossily, for about 3 hours easily, and only fades slightly. I love the fact that even after 4 hours of wear, the color only set back a bit, making my lips red and sexy.
I have taken lip pictures with and without flash, after 1.5 hours of wear, because I wanted you guys to see the longevity. Personally, this is going to be a regular for me, I fear (OMG I will neglect all other colors, won’t I??) and I am quite glad I found this color.
I love:

  • The color
  • The simple packaging
  • The staying power
  • The stain it leaves behind after fading
  • The non-stickiness
  • The easy application
  • The price
I don’t love:

  • The bleeding
Verdict: 4.5/5
Overall, I have to give this gloss my two thumbs up. For the price, Maybelline has come up with a very good range of glosses that can be worn by virtually anyone.
ETM Edit* Loved it Poorna. Out of the 5 shades reviewed here on ETM, this and plum luster are my favorite. 🙂 This looks great on you. Lovely review as always! 🙂

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