Nina Ricci "Love in Paris’ Eau de Parfume

Review by Christina

What crosses your mind when you think of Paris?  Love, the Eiffel Tower, fashion, fresh bread, long hair blowing in the cold wind and cobbled streets?  Well, the most romantic city in the world is also the home of Nina Ricci. She, Maria ‘Nina’ Ricci began her fashion house there in 1932.

Price and Quantity: 30ml for INR 2,650 and 50ml for INR 3,500

Nina pronounced Knee-na
Ricci pronounced Rich-chee

I absolutely love this perfume.  I had it in two sizes until my mum took one back home with her. It smells romantic and it smells the way a woman should. It is summery and the fragrance can warm up a cold night.  It is not one of those sweet, soapy and fruity fragrances, so it is not a scent for teenagers.  Love in Paris is light but stays on for a long time and has quite an impressive sillage. ’Sillage’ is used to describe how a perfume leaves behind its scent. sillage.

I would not recommend it for work but for a picnic for ‘two’ during the day or an evening out.  It is too romantic and seductive to be worn to work.  It can be worn both during summer and winter.  It is a fast selling fragrance and comes as an EDP only.  The notes leave you with an aura to die for.

Top notes: Star Anise and Bergamot which gives a warm and refreshing feel.
Heart notes or middle notes: Roses, Peony, Velvety Apricot and Sheer Jasmine.
Base notes: Crystal Musks, Woodsy Touches and Vanilla
Notes are descriptors of scents that can be sensed upon the application of a perfume. The term is used by perfumers to describe the approximate scents to a layman.

Overall this is a nice EDP to own.  Not too heady but alluring. It is expensive and can make the perfect gift so someone really special.  Online shopping sites have this fragrance in stock at very competitive prices.   It is also available in Shopper’s Stop, Lifestyle and Central stores across India.

Love in Paris like the name suggests leaves with a fragrant love story, one that every woman must have in her boudoir.  It could become your signature scent.
  • Good high end brand
  • A romantic and seductive scent
  • It is perfect for special evenings
  • Lovely for summer and winter
  • Not very girly, more womanly
  • Impressive sillage
  • Easily available
  • Available in 2 sizes
  • Easy on the migraine triggers.
  • Very Pricey
  • Not suitable for work
  • Not for teenagers

Rating: 5/5 from me

I would definitely every woman have one special fragrance.  This is an ideal one.  Expensive but worth it and it will last you a long time considering you cannot wear this to work.  Go ahead and reveal your feminine side….

ETM Edit* Fabulous review Christina. I can almost make out the smell now. hehe. I am not a perfume person at all but would love to sniff it sometime. 😀 Sounds really really good. 🙂
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