B’day Haul and One Official Announcement!

Hello girls
Yes it was my B’day yesterday and yes, as expected I hauled. ^_^

So you must be aware of the Basics of Ayurveda Series, I am doing right now on ETM. Have been caught up with few stuff, so couldn’t post the last few days. Its going to end soon BTW. So I have got this Ayurveda thing in my head for quite some time now and I have tried a lot of FE products in the last month itself. So I moved on to Omved this time and got few goodies to try. 🙂

Then of course some MAC!

I also got the Ocean Salt scrub recommended by Agni and the cosmetic warrior mask recommended by the SA at the store. Both of them are inside the pantry refrigerator (I am travelling right now and staying in a guest house If you are wondering why 😛 ) so forgot to click them. 😐 BTW you have to try the mask. Its only twice that I have used it and I am already in love. <3

Now the official announcement! Caught you there. 😛
No serious announcement! Well it is official though!
I am a NC 35 in MAC. 😛
Finally after trying and matching my shade for n number of times in these 2 years I found my exact match. The thing is I don’t have those obvious yellow undertones. I am medium fair but with mixed undertones. especially on my cheeks. They have strong pink tone to them. So every time I went to the store, The MUA would try NC 40 and it would look too yellow. On my insistence they would try 37 and it would end up looking grey. :/ 🙁 I never asked them to match me with 35 cause I thought that would be too light and was almost sure that MAC does not have a shade for my weird skin tone. :'(
This time however I was lucky. As always the girl came up to me with two bottles. Even before she could try it on me I told her,If she has NC 40 and 37 with her then they are not my match. :/ She said 40 wouldn’t match me ever but she has got 37 and 35 with her. I said okay, lets try and see. Trying one more shade wouldn’t hurt. I tried 35 on my left and 37 on my right and bingo. 35 was a perfect match. She actually went on and layered a lot of it on my face  so that If it looks un natural I would know clearly.
37 started looking grey and ashy in just about 15 minutes , but 35 just kind of melted into my skin. It looked so natural that I was actually in a shock. After 2 years of testing and trying I finally got one that is my perfect match. But of course I did not get it immediately. Came back home to see how it looks with the passing day and in natural light. And it still looks very very natural on me as I am typing it. 🙂 I am definitely going back to pick my bottle real soon. ^_^

Why I am telling you this? 

Because choosing a foundation is not an easy task. You have to keep matching a lot many variety and brands to know what works for you. A lot of things like skin undertone, skin type, store lighting and also some unknown factors (like mine. :/ I am yet not sure why NC 37 looks ashy while NC 35 looks fine) contribute to you getting a wrong match and that is why it is so easy to get the wrong shade most of the time. Don’t just believe what the SAs say. Know your skin and be confident when you feel something is not working with that shade. Try as many shades possible and get samples for your nearest matches, so that you can try and get to see it in natural light. After all its you who is going to spend the money and wear it.
And lastly don’t get under pressure because you tried so many shades and still not picking one.. If you have a hunch that its not the right match, give it some time. Go back to the store some other time again and try some other shades again or some other finish may be. It may take time but better than spending 2000/- on a wrong product.

Well that was my 2 cents to help you find your correct shade. Never ever assume. Unless you try it on, you never know. 😉
A very happy weekend to you all. 😀

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