MAC Amplified Creme Lipstick "Cosmo" : Swatches, Review, LOTD And FOTD

Review by Agnirupa

Hello my beauties 😀
Am here today with another universal cult and favorite lipstick which as it happens I have had for a long long time but somehow never had the craze to review! This happens with me very rarely but I have had a cool relation with this cult lipstick until now and neither its color nor the way it looked on me ever excited me enough to review. But now suddenly I am head-over-heels in love and have even gone to the extent of wanting a back up: P Can’t guess the shade? Well it’s from MAC and its COSMO ! Surprised? O:) read on …..

What MAC says: Cosmo is described as ‘Pink Coco’and its finish is Amplified Crème 🙂

Price: INR 990/- *part of the permanent range*

My take on the product:

The lipstick comes in the regular classy MAC packaging in black and silver with a sturdy click lock cap which makes travelling with it comfortable. 🙂

The finish: amplified crème explains all 😀 Its probably the most widely loved finishes of MAC and we know why. O:) Cosmo is awesomely pigmented, yet soft, creamy and easy to apply. 😀 It goes on opaque in one swipe and keeps the lips supple and hydrated. 🙂


The color: Cosmo is a cult basically for its color only. 😀 Nobody has ever looked bad in Cosmo! Perhaps it’s just not possible to!? Cosmo is the perfect mix of a rosy warm pink with a sprinkle of brown. This is not an uncommon color at all when u see the kinda boring bullet but once it goes on lips the story changes! This is again an adaptable color which goes on lips pinker or browner according to the undertone and lip color of the person. 🙂 Be it any occasion, day or night, formal or casual wear you just cannot doubt Cosmo. O:)


It goes on my lips as a rosy pink and so close to my own lip color that my boyfriend *who shrinks at even the mention of lippies :-/* didn’t even understand I had lipstick on and said ‘your lips seem to be getting pinker by the day!’ *smirk* 😛 Then when I explained he had to admit this was a nice one. 😀 *now you know why this has become a staple for me!*


Cosmo has great lasting power and lasts easily on my lips approx 5 hours+ through food and drinks in spite of being so creamy so kudos. 😀 When it does fade, it does so gradually and gracefully without drying my lips out. 🙂 No ugly stain, no flakiness. :-*

Pros of MAC Cosmo Lipstick:

  • Travel friendly classy MAC packaging
  • Comes in Amplified crème finish which is 1 of the most comfortable finishes!
  • The color is a perfect dose of pinky brown for anyone and makes your lips look polished and chic 🙂
  • The texture is smooth, creamy and keeps lips supple and smooth even after fading <3
  • Is greatly pigmented and has awesome staying power: D , fading gracefully.
  • Yummy vanilla fragrance!

Cons of MAC Cosmo Lipstick:

None at all!!!

My rating: 5/5 *purrrfect!:D*

Do I recommend?

I told you at the beginning that I want a back up 😛 *ohh you haven’t read my review. :O :-/spankkk* Just kidding. O:) Gals do NOT miss this one! Its highly fortunate that we have this as a part of permanent range 😀 It becomes one of those lippies without which it’s really not worth living. :D. It gives the right level of class, polish, freshness to the face while never ever being OTT. Highly recommended!!

My LOTD- w/ flash *the color looks like this more in real *

w/flash *with a clear gloss on top*

w/o flash- *looks a bit brownish in pictures but is not on me :-|*


and my FOTD- *no I didn’t mean to scare you all :-/ I was merely flaunting my new found love*


what are you all waiting for. O.o Go get COSMO! Till then I will kick back my heels and relax ‘coz am sorted for a long time .^_^ toodles ladies! Till the next time keep smiling :-*

ETM Edit* Looks absolutely gorgeous on you Agni. Last time I tried this on, it looked too pale on me. :'( I think I am close to my normal skin color now. Will try it next week again. 🙂 Lovely review and beautiful LOTDs. <3

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