MAC Crosswires Dupe? Inglot Lipstick Refill No.73

Well I was really happy and basking in the glory of MAC Crosswires when Agni was harassing me (don’t believe me. :O Ask her twinnu or any of her friends for that matter. -_- )  on Whatsapp on wasting my money on Maybelline Coral Pink‘s Dupe. I do not like the ColorSensational lipsticks much due to the low staying power and hence I was content but then suddenly I had this niggling feeling that I have to go through my kitty again to be sure. :/ I was not ready to do that too soon, but then it was right there in front of me when I was not even looking for it. 😐
So here it is!


I have applied MAC Crosswires on the bottom lips and Inglot 73 on the upper as well as on the inner bottom lips for you to be able to compare them both better.

Forgive the clumsy application of the inglot refill. It is very creamy and I couldn’t smack both my lips together to even it out. 😐
As you can see, Inglot 73 is way too creamy in comparison to Crosswires. It needs some time to set to a semi matte finish. So unless you are wearing it as a tint you need to give it some time before you start munching something.


Its very obvious that Inglot tilts more towards coral. It is much more pigmented as well. but when you wear it both of them look quite similar. This looks a little stark while crosswires looks just a tone subtle. Crosswires has a beautiful sheen that Inglot lacks and it is extremely handy and easy to use. So even though they look similar on lips, the texture makes them very different and I would not want to part with any one of them. 😀

Which one did you like best? Inglot 73 or MAC Crosswires?

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