MAC Sheertone Blush "Gingerly" : Swatch, Review And FOTD

Review by Shivangi

Hello All,
Whenever I visit MAC store, I get carried away with all the beautiful bright shades on display and end up buying them instead of the muted ones. Once, when I visited MAC I asked for a trial of MAC Matchmaster Foundation as it was newly launched at the time and I wanted to know how it looked on me. The helpful SA went a step ahead and applied blush on me too. The blush he applied was an earthy and beautiful shade and I loved it on me instantly.
I did not buy it then as this was a permanent product and I wanted some time to think. By sometime I mean, I went outside the store and went to a couple of more stores, saw myself in my reflections, went back to MAC and bought this. :P. You know how we gals are ;). I am happy that I made this thoughtful purchase as this is one of my favorite blushes of all times.
Price and Quantity: 1350 INR for 6 gMAC+Gingerly+Blush+Swatch+Review+ETM+Peach+Blush
My Experience:
MAC Gingerly is described as a “Capri Bronze”. It has a warm and Orange undertone to it. It looks a lot like Terracotta. The finish is Sheertone which means a velvety texture.
The best thing about this blush is that it is sans any shimmer which makes it a perfect office-wear shade. My favorite finish for MAC blushes is Sheertone as they are as the name suggests sheer. A fool-proof formula for beginners. buildable just without the fear of getting clown-cheeks in one go!

Sheertone finish does not mean that these are not pigmented. It is just that these are

No wonder this is one of the most raved blushes from MAC. None other than Kim Kardashian loves this blush. Don’t believe me? Well what do we have Google for ;). She loves using this with a pink color to get her trademark rosy cheeks. So we have decoded her blush for now ;). Rest will follow soon too. I find this blush to be a perfect office wear without shouting for attention but giving me a natural and healthy glow on cheeks.
On my Cheek
P.S. Sorry for the heavy handed application in the swatches, it was difficult to capture the color on camera!
  • The finish is sheer but buildable
  • Gives a warm glow to the complexion
  • Suits Indian skin beautifully
  • It will take a lifetime to finish the whole pan
  • This is a permanent product
  • Great shade for work
  • The wear-time is easily 7-8 hours
I did not find any!
My Rating: 5 out of 5
Recommendation: Indian beauties who have Olive skintones will love this blush on them. MAC Gingerly looks dull and boring in the pan but transforms into a beautiful earthy, natural glow on cheeks. It warms up the complexion beautifully. However it cannot be doubled up as a bronzer as this is more Orangey.
ETM Edit* This looks so different in pan. 😛 Pretty boring to be honest. That is the reason I never get it a shot even though this shade is so popular among-st Indian beauties. Shell give it a try sometime and see how it transforms on me. Lovely review Shivangi. 🙂
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