MAC Lady Danger Lipstick : Swatch, Review, LOTD And FOTD

MAC Lady Danger Lipstick : Swatch, Review, LOTD And FOTD

Hey ya my ETM ladies <3
I have been wanting and meaning to get and review this particular lipstick for ages! But in several other cities apart from our Kolkata MAC store this particular shade was always OOS! Even a store which had Ruby Woo failed to stock up on this 🙁 When I had almost resigned to not having it my savior came- ta-da!! Our Jyo

Till can’t guess. ^_^  lets shift the focus to MAC Lady Danger 😀

What MAC says about Lady Danger Lipstick:

MAC Lady Danger  is described as a “vivid bright coral-red” in a matte finish.
Price: INR 990 Rs *permanent range*

My take on MAC Lady Danger Lipstick :

As soon as I got my much coveted lippie I opened it, sniffed it, admired it, cuddled it around the house but couldn’t try it – why??? You are still asking? Blogger’s obligation you see. 🙁 Abhi I am so addicted to taking new bullet piccys and reviewing that I just could not bring myself to try it out. And it was a horrid rainy day so no piccys :’( uuuaaaa


Next day-

Omgg omggg main to ek swipe mein rags to riches ban gayi. ^_^ ok ok I will resume my format -_-
MAC Lady Danger lipstick comes packaged in the classic black tube of MAC with a click cap and is quite travel friendly 🙂
The finish is matte, the most pigmented of all and no wonder! A light swipe across your lips and you leave your lips to do the rest of the talking even without opening your mouth.  😀  Though it’s a matte, it is not dry or dragging at all and applied very easily on my lips even without any balm. 🙂
MAC Lady Danger Lipstick : Swatch, Review, LOTD And FOTD

The pigmentation of lady danger is just stark and mad and I applied the lipstick lightly just once in my pictures below which is enough to make people notice you from half a mile away 😀


The color of MAC Lady Danger lipstick is probably the loudest I have seen in MAC being even starker and screaming more than Morange or Impassioned or Party parrot! The perfect balance of red and orange, MAC lady danger tricks you in different lights but yes I can guarantee- in whichever light you see yourself you will look awesome


As in case of all mattes MAC Lady Danger too lasts on your lips on and on a good 7-8 hours <3

The Pros of MAC Lady Danger:

  • Classic, travel friendly MAC packaging <3
  • Soft matte finish makes it easy to apply without dragging on lips!
  • Madly pigmented and gives the exact color of the bullet in a single light swipe 😀
  • Vivid loud orange-red color which makes the wearer the cynosure of all eyes and glams up any outfit or look in an instant <3
  • Lasts on and on throughout the day for a good 7-8 hours easily!
  • Yummy vanilla fragrance to which I am badly addicted!

The Cons of MAC Lady Danger:

  • None really except it might be a bit drying but then it is a matte finish so you have to fix it yourself *_*
My Rating: 5/5 O:) O:)
Do I recommend?
Hell yeah!! My craze for many many months was totally worth it and I realized that ‘cause I fell in love with MAC lady danger lipstick at first swipe. 😀 The pigmentation, the perfect classic matte finish and the vivid traffic halting color screams cult ^_^ and I believe that if you can take the first step and start wearing it you will be hooked for life.
MAC Lady Danger Lipstick swatches : (w/o flash)

MAC Lady Danger Lipstick Swatch: (w/ flash)


This is how MAC lady danger looks on me – *do not call me oompa loompa even if you think I look like 1 here 🙁 peeleej*

*taken in daylight single swipe of MAC lady danger lipstick applied without any balm or gloss beneath or above!*


Ohh and the shades look cheesy I know but somehow I felt they had to be there to complete the whole look 😀


Till the next time lots of love for you ladies :-* take care!! Bu-byeee!

ETM Edit* Lovely! 😀 You are totally rocking lady danger shade Agni. MAC Mattes are just amazing and this is one of the must have shades imo. This goes in to my list. ^_^ 

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