MAC Matte Lipstick Taupe: Swatch, Review And LOTD

Review by Shivangi

Hey girls,
Today I am going to talk about my first lipstick from MAC. I am glad that my first purchase in lipsticks from MAC was a superb one and I would gladly have this one in my kitty always :). Taupe is a work-friendly lipstick and is one of my favorites. Like some Classic movies which you always admire.
I have never been a fan of matte lippies as I have dry lips and personally I do not like the matte look too, but this lipstick did change my perspective towards matte finish by MAC. This gives a nice polished look without making the lips look parched.

MAC describes it as a muted reddish taupe brown. I have never liked Browns but the reddish undertones make it a beautiful MLBB shade for me. Although my lips are more on a Pinker side but this looks lovely nevertheless.

Lipsticks have always been MAC’s plus point and this is no exception. I have a feeling, I am not sure though that you I have seen a Colorbar dupe of this shade. Still, I like this lippie as this gives me a well-polished look and an anytime wearable shade without drying out my lips.
If your skin tone is anywhere between wheatish and dusky and you are looking for a good MLBB shade, you might want to try this at the store. I always suggest trying MAC before buying because I would not want you to buy a bad shade and then regret later. I have done it millions of times before in my life.
Let me tell you about this lipstick in detail below:
Price: 990 INR

Shade: Muted brown with Reddish undertones, a shade which you can find in other brands too.

Finish: This is my favorite part about this lipstick. The finish is matte per say, but it does not dry my lips at all. This lipstick gives me a polished and sophisticated look. I feel that even if the shade is dupable, the finish of this one wants me to stick to this one :). But if you are lucky and you do not get dry lips with matte finishes, you might want to search for a dupe.

Lasting power: Easily 3-4 hours, I drink water like a fish! I keep on sipping water practically every minute of my life but this one stays on my lips despite of snacks and drinks. Yes, it will not be able to sustain a full-blown meal but that is kind of Ok with me as it leaves a stain behind. I can live with one touch up after lunch in office.

Pigmentation: One swipe is enough to get the color on your lips. This can cover pigmented lips quite well too.

Let me sum up the pros and cons below.

  • Nice everyday shade ­­­­
  • Great finish
  • It is a permanent shade, not an LE
  • Does not dry my lips
  • Staying power is good
  • The shade is easily dupable
  • May not suit very fair skin tone
  • The lasting power may be a deal breaker for some
Rating: 4/5
Final Verdict: I like this lipstick a lot. But then, I get loyal to my favorites, but the opinions mentioned above have nothing to do with my craziness :).
ETM Edit* Lovely Review Shivangi.Such a cute pot you have. 🙂 I had it on my wish list and I am definitely checking it out. It looks so creamy on your lips. 😀 Or is it some balm beneath? You have so aptly described the finish in the post. Even if the shades are dupable, its the finish of a MAC lipstick that makes you want to stick to it. So very true.
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