MAC Amorous Lipstick: Swatch, Review, LOTD And FOTD

MAC Amorous Lipstick Swatch and Review

Finally I am here to review the lipstick that gave me sleepless nights. 😛 Yeah girls. You guessed it right. It’s MAC Amorous.  The struggle to make it work on me delayed the review a lot and now I have accepted the fact that It is one shade not meant for everyday use like most people think . It could be your go to lipstick every day, but only if you are around NC 42 or darker may be. I will talk about it in detail later. Let’s go with the routine.
Price: INR 990/-

My Experience with MAC Amorous Lipstick:

The packaging is the usual black and silver tube that we all are used to seeing with the lipstick name mentioned on the bottom.

MAC describes Amorous as Lovestruck Cranberry. I would say it is a deep pink with strong plum-purple undertones.  By strong I mean a lot of plum peeking through the pink and in natural day light it sometimes appears a tad bit purple. :/ If you are one of those lucky ladies who rock purples without looking ill then you must try this at the store for sure.  In my opinion it would look good on people with pigmented lips better as the purple in it can look very natural without being too obvious. Also the color would bring out the beauty in dusky skin tone better than medium or fair skin tone.

MAC Amorous Swatch!

Natural light!
Natural light with flash!
The finish is satin and as with all MAC satin finish lipsticks, this is amazingly pigmented and packed with pigments. Does not matter if you have pigmented lips, this covers all of it in one single swipe.
The texture is creamy but not overtly so. It glides smoothly and after a while sets in to a semi matte finish.  If you have dry lips then this may leave your lips a little dry than usual. However I have not experienced any such issue with it.
As with most satin lipsticks this stays on for 4 to 5 hrs depending on the food or drink you take. The color fades evenly and leaves behind a stain which again lasts for around 1 hr easily.
MAC Amorous Lipstick On my lips!
On me!
My Rating: 4 out of 5 (for being a difficult color to work on medium and light complexion)
My Recommendation:If you are lighter than NC 42 (medium dusky) then check it out in day light to be sure about it not clashing with your skin undertone. If you are NC 44 or duskier then theoretically it should look amazing on you. Almost like an everyday wear shade that would compliment your skin tone. 🙂 But I will repeat here, MAC Amorous is not an easy shade. It looks nice in pictures but not that good to look at on me in person.  For me it is a night wear shade when there is no sunlight to bring the purple and plum out. Also this looks much better when paired with ethnic/ traditional outfits. So take your call, try and only then buy. 🙂
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