MAC Matte Lipstick "Pink Pigeon" : Swatch, Review, And LOTD

Review by Agnirupa

Let’s face the truth about LE things, its not a good idea. -_-Atleast, it might be a mighty marketing strategy of the bigwigs but for us- the poor,crazy,tortured make up addicts 🙁 make up when it comes in limited editions is not at all good news. 🙁
And oh well :-/ don’t we know how much MAC loves their LE collections *bursting into tears* they keep launching things one after the other and just when you empty your purse over 1 and smile smugly to yourself- bammm! Another delicious collection hits the stores. 🙁 Soooo not fair 😡
So anyway a few months back the Strength Collection launched in India re-promoting some very raved about famous shades-1 of which was Party Parrot- reviewed here and the other I am reviewing today-Pink Pigeon. <3

What MAC Says:

MAC describes Pink Pigeon as-Bright cleanest pink in matte finish 🙂
Price: 990 INR 😀 *how lovely! It’s not even from the permanent range!*

My take on the product:

The lipstick even though from a LE collection comes in theregular familiar black and silver MAC packaging *that explains the regular price :P*

The texture even though is a matte finish is not strictly the famous MAC Retro matte finish and has a slight satiny finish,easy to apply- not at all drying or tugging on lips. 🙂


The pigmentation of course is fabulous and a single light swipe on lips is sufficient to get the bullet color. <3

The color as described so rightly is a vivid, blue based bright bright that people can track you coming from a mile away at the very least. 😛 Aarre fear not 😉 It isn’t that frightening, 😀 but yes to wear this color full blast, fair complexions or cool toned ladies are the ideal choice. 🙂 For wheatish or yellow tones this color can easily be blotted and worn as a stain with some gloss! Looks very pretty actually. 🙂 MAC themselves have launched very similar colors time and again *Dear Diary,Candy Yum Yum* a mark of the popularity of this pretty bright color surely.

The staying power is…..forever *_* A matte finish and a bright color-the deadlist combo MAC has to offer! It stays on throughout the day and hardly fades..when it does, it stays on the lips with a vivid hot pink stain which is still visible from a mile away 😛

The Pros:
  • Regular, classic MAC  packaging in black and silver with a tight click cap which makes it travel friendly. 🙂
  • Awesome pigmentation and shows the full blown color on lips in a single swipe!
  • In spite of being a matte finish from MAC, it is a modern satiny finish matte which vouches for its smooth and easy application on lips without tugging. 🙂
  • Does not dry out lips.
  • The color is to die for! A bright clean blue pink which brightens up everything in a flash
  • Lasts on and on
  • Yummy vanilla fragrance 😀
  • Regular price in spite of being LE 😛

The Cons:

  • LE 😡 I almost did not get it :-/ *the thought still haunts me!* and cummon MAC all the similar shades are also LE O_o ! Get a life!
My Rating: 4/5 🙂

Do I recommend?

😀 I plan on getting Candy Yum Yum and Dear Diary too. 😛 Even though the 3 are like peas in a pod. ^_^ that’s how much I love this color! Even though I do not wear such vivid shades on a regular basis of course but its amazing how much my face totally changes and glows whenever I apply it to go somewhere nice
And in a matte finish, pink pigeon no wonder is one of the MAC *cults* sitting on top with party parrot. Yeah I agree it’s not easy to pull off but once you try and succeed, you feel like a new person
The swatches: *in daylight*

My LOTD: *without any balm or gloss*


Hope you all enjoyed and are being tempted just as I want you to be. 😉 Till the next post, adios from me :-* keep smiling and take care!

ETM Edit* Gorgeous Pink! 😀 I really really want MAC to make this and Party Parrot a part of the permanent range. 🙁 So not fair to put all the gorgeous shades in the LE category. :'( Loved those picture perfect lip swatches Agni! :* <3

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