Currently Using: October 2013 : Concealer!

I do not like using too many products on my face and when it comes to base makeup. it is either only concealer or just the foundation for me on a casual day out. I know being a beauty blogger I am expected to be picture perfect all the time, but that’s far from truth. 😛 I am awfully lazy and I hate layering my face with products unless I am going to click close shots of myself or I am attending a wedding. 😐 Thank god you people can’t see me right now in my pyjama and top knot. 😛

Err..sorry for gravitating towards utter nonsense. What I meant by all the gibberish above is I am a minimalist when it comes to base makeup. O:)
Currently I am using my Colorbar Instant Coverup Stick Concealer a lot as it doesn’t make me spend time and work on it. It is absolutely creamy, gives medium coverage and is super easy to blend. Being a pencil concealer, it is very much hygienic to use. 🙂
What about you? What concealer are you using at this moment? Is it good enough or you are still searching for a good one?

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