#Contest Alert! Say Yes to Colour and take home a L’Oreal Paris hamper!

#Contest Alert! Say Yes to Colour and take home a L’Oreal Paris hamper!

Khoobsurat: The literal meaning- “a beautiful face” . A compliment that we all love to hear!

Has that ever happened to you? Somebody complimenting you on the very thing you are fretting over for a long time. It has happened a lot many times with me and I have realized that they don’t say  “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder” for nothing. To be honest, not all of us are blessed with a face that can be labeled as beautiful in the literal sense, but there is something about the way we project ourselves, the way we laugh, the way we talk, the color of our hair, the glint in our eyes when we smile…and all the small little things about us that really do not matter to us, but in some way or the other plays a huge part in making us what we are. It’s when somebody’s compliments touch these aspects of our life do we feel khoobsurat from inside out!

And when we talk about beautiful moments, it invariably leads to very colorful memories. The sunny yellow nail paint that made you grin like a child, the peppy pink lipstick that made you feel as lovely as snow white, the golden glittery pumps that made you feel as pretty as Cinderella and those colored tresses falling over your shoulder like a cascade which not only made you feel pretty, but opened the floodgates for compliments. 🙂 Isn’t it amazing how something as simple as a 20 minute hair color ritual can make such a huge difference to your appearance!

My Khoobsurat Moment with L'Oreal casting Creme Gloss

My Khoobsurat Moment with L’Oreal casting Creme Gloss “Dark Brown”

When I said yes to color with L’Oreal Casting Creme Gloss “Black Cherry” I got a firsthand experience of how a little color can add so many memorable moments in one’s life and have since then colored many a times at the comfort of my home. BTW the above picture has me wearing the shade “Dark Brown” which goes really well with my eye color too. 🙂 My hair naturally has a brown tint to it, but the hair color has added a healthy glossy sheen to it that makes my mane look even prettier getting me innumerable compliments for them. <3 These khoobsurat moments my lady, sure needs to be celebrated and L’oreal Paris with their Lasting Creme Gloss hair Color range is doing exactly that.

Share your Khoobsurat Moment and Win a L'Oreal Hamper

Share your Khoobsurat Moment and Win a L’Oreal Hamper

Yes L’Oreal is giving away a beauty hamper worth Rs.1500/- for sharing your “Khoobsurat” moments with us after saying yes to color.

The rules are simple. Go to the contest post here

#Contest Alert! Say Yes to Colour and take home a L’Oreal Paris hamper!

#Contest Alert! Say Yes to Colour and take home a L’Oreal Paris hamper!

That’s it. The winner will be announced on Tuesday, 26th of Aug. Anyone with a valid Indian postal address can participate. Looking forward to go through your beautiful moments! 🙂

P.S: The hamper will sent to the winner by L’Oreal Paris
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