MAC Plushglass “Power Supply” Swatch, Review and LOTD

MAC Plushglass in Power Supply- Review, Swatches, Price and LOTD

Helloo my dearies 🙂

Amazing,but true revelation- I went MAC shopping after 3 whole months!! Astounding no? Even I couldn’t believe myself when I traced my last purchase bill. 😛 but there you go. 😉 Nothing is impossible ! And I didn’t even glance at their insipid aquatic allure collection *which BTW has awesome packaging, but that’s about it 😛 * I roamed around the store looking for a few of my ordered items and chanced upon a hidden world of plumping MAC lip glasses called plush glasses where one swipe made me fall in love! Read on..

MAC Plushglass "Power Supply" Swatch Review India

MAC Plushglass “Power Supply” Swatch and Review

What MAC Says:

Sheer lip colour with a pearlized high-shine gloss finish. Comfortable to wear: lush, multi-dimensional. Gives a cool-warm, vanilla buzz to the lips. Moisturizes, soothes and visibly plumps the lips to make them look luxuriously healthy and well-conditioned. Contains vitamin E for added environmental protection.

MAC describes Power Supply *frost* as *Muted pinky-brown with gold sparkle*

Price: 1500/- INR *nahiii*

MAC Plushglass "Power Supply" Swatch and Review

MAC Plushglass “Power Supply”

My Take on MAC Plushglass “Power Supply” :

The plushglass comes in the typical MAC lipglass transparent sturdy plastic tub and matte black cap with a doe foot sponge applicator which picks up just the right amount of product for a single lip swipe. 🙂

MAC Plushglass "Power Supply" Swatch and Review

MAC Plushglass “Power Supply” Swatch and Review

The texture is a tad sticky *not fevicol sticky like MAC’s normal lipglasses* but quite nice and smooth and spreads easily on lips applying evenly. 🙂  It does not highlight dry patches/fine lines of lips and gives a magnificent pout in seconds!! Yes it really does work that way! It gives a nice pleasant zing *yepp vanilla buzz is the word to go for MAC!* and does plump up the lips making them look oh so juicy!

The pigmentation  of “Power Supply” is on the sheer side which is great as I am a sucker for glassy pouty 3-dimensional type finishes like these and don’t care much for pigmentation in glosses really. 😛 Anyways you can always fill up your lips with any lip pencil/lipstick and apply this as a finishing touch. *_* So doesn’t matter!

The color is for me absolutely as if MAC Cosmo was melted down, shaken with liquid gloss and golden glitter and packaged. 😀 and its obvious why I love it. ^_^ Worn alone, it almost looks like a clear tinted gloss, but with ample juiciness and a golden glint now and then .<3 Usually I fill my lips with a nude pink lip pencil *MAC Dervish review coming up ;)* and swipe this above to bring out its color more. *_* Either way, am in love!

Though not as sticky as traditional MAC lipglasses go, plushglasses do last a long long time on lips more than 4-5 hours or so and withstands all light food and drinks. 🙂 It does not dry out my lips after wearing away. *thank u vitamin e *_**

MAC Plushglass "Power Supply" Swatch Review India

MAC Plushglass “Power Supply” Swatch and Review

The Pros of MAC Plushglass “Power Supply”:

  • Sturdy plastic tube packaging with matte black cap and doe foot sponge applicator 🙂
  • Texture is a little sticky but soft and smooth, applies easily and evenly 🙂
  • Does not accentuate dry patches/fine lines of lips.
  • Awesome plumping juicy pout effect with a pleasant zing <3 <3
  • Lovely neutral rosy pink color with golden sparkle which enhances the plumping effect without being OTT 🙂
  • Lasts for a long time and withstands light food and drinks.
  • Does not dry out lips.
  • Delicious vanilla fragrance

The Cons of MAC Plushglass “Power Supply”:

  • Too pricey :-/ I somehow had the notion lipglasses were the same price as lippies but ye lo 🙁
  • Pigmentation is not opaque which will pose a problem to ladies with pigmentation issues.

My Rating- 5/5!

Do I recommend?

This was my 3rd MAC lipglass in comparison to my 30th+ lipsticks so you get the drift. 😛 I am not a fan of MAC lipglasses or rather wasn’t a fan..these plushglasses though are so amazing! They literally make my lips glassy like a mirror while plumping them visibly! Not sticky almost and comes in lovely shades!! Gonna pick up more…

MAC Plushglass “Power Supply” Swatch:

MAC Plushglass "Power Supply" Swatch India

MAC Plushglass “Power Supply” Swatch India

MAC Plushglass “Power Supply” on my lips *lips filled with nude pink pencil*:

MAC Plushglass "Power Supply" Swatch on Indian Skin

MAC Plushglass “Power Supply” Swatch

MAC Plushglass “Power Supply”  on my lips *lips filled with nude pink pencil*: (with flash)

MAC Plushglass "Power Supply" Lip Swatch

MAC Plushglass “Power Supply” Lip Swatch

That’s all sweeties 😀 Till my next post keep missing me and waiting for more! Toodles!

Review by Agnirupa

[alert-note]Such a lovely color Agni. <3 Loved the shade, the shimmers and your glossy pout! The flash pictures especially look so good! This would be a lovely shade to wear in broad day light. I can almost visualize the shimmers playing peek a boo on lips! ^_^ Lovely review. 🙂 [/alert-note]

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