Lakme CC Cream Or Garnier BB Cream: A Comparision

Lakme CC Cream Or Garnier BB Cream: A Comparision

So we have a whole new range of BB and CC creams from every possible brand these days. Even though most of them are decently priced, it could be really taxing to find out the best suited option for yourself. In the past 3 years I have tried almost all the popular BB and CC Creams except for Garnier. Garnier BB cream and Lakme CC cream, both are very very popular and have their own fan following. So a comparision post made sense to me! BTW for the detail reviews you can refer the posts linked below.

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I am assuming you went through the reviews linked above and hence this post would be strictly a comparison between the two.

Garnier BB Cream Vs. Lakme CC Cream

Garnier BB Cream Vs. Lakme CC Cream

Lakme CC Cream Vs. Garnier BB Cream:

Variants/Shades Available:

Lakme CC Cream has 2 variants. “Beige” for lighter skin tone and “Bronze” for wheatish to dusky skin tone, whereas Garnier BB cream comes in one universal shade. Since both the creams do not have a shade for deep/dark Indian skin tone, I am not giving any one of these an upper hand.

SPF Content:

Lakme CC cream has SPF 20 where as Garnier BB cream comes with SPF 24. Almost comparable.

White Cast:

Immediately after application Lakme CC cream gives a visible white cast which subsides in around 10 minutes post application. Garnier BB cream looks very natural without any visible cast. However with flash light I could detect an ugly white cast in both of them. Considering both of these having comparable SPF content, Garnier BB cream wins!


Bot the creams are light weight and creamy in texture. However if I have to compare, Garnier BB cream is definitely lighter and almost invisible on skin . Garnier BB Cream wins.


Lakme CC cream gives you a good medium coverage with a thin layer of product where as Garnier BB cream has sheer coverage that can not be built up to medium even with a lot of layering. Both even out my skin tone well for everyday use, and do not cover imperfections completely. But with Lakme CC cream I feel more confident about my dark circles and spots. Lakme CC Cream wins!


Both Lakme CC cream and garnier BB cream are easy to spread and blend. however Garnier BB cream gets absorbed faster in comparison to Lakme CC cream owing to the sheer and creamy texture. Garnier BB Cream wins!


Lakme CC cream gives a subtle dewy finish immediately after application that transforms into a dewy glow and then a bit shiny over time. Garnier BB cream gives a pretty dewy finish that can look a bit shiny and oily after a while. However both these BB and CC creams need a compact or setting powder to pull through the day. Garnier turned oily on me faster (in an hour or so with a compact) where as Lakme CC cream needs a compact touch up only after a good 3 hours. And for the record I am in a very dry climate. WIth increasing humidity the transformation from dewy to oily would be much faster. Lakme CC Cream wins!

Staying Power:

Lakme CC cream stays on all day with a touch up of compact in between. Garnier BB Cream fades with time even though it does not completely vanish. At the end of the day Lakme CC cream looks and feels better on my skin even though I like garnier more immediately after application. Lakme CC Cream wins!

Skin type Adaptability:

If you have dry skin then you will need a moisturiser beneath both of these. For oily skin, Garnier BB cream could turn out too shiny and need touch ups every hour or so. Lakme CC cream wins!

Quantity Vs Price:

Lakme CC Cream: INR 250/- for 30 gms 

Garnier BB cream: INR 199/- for 40 ml 

A pea size amount of Lakme CC cream can cover your entire face easily, but with Garnier BB cream I need double the amount for one layer of product. If you want to layer it up then you might need 3-4 times of the quantity you need from Lakme CC cream. So Lakme CC cream even though is priced high in comparison, it is definitely cost effective than Garnier BB Cream. Lakme CC Cream wins!

Swatch comparison:

Swatches: Top: Garnier BB Cream Bottom: Lakme CC Cream

Swatches: Top: Garnier BB Cream Bottom: Lakme CC Cream “Beige”

Swatch Comparison: Lakme CC Cream and Garnier BB Cream

Swatch Comparison: Lakme CC Cream and Garnier BB Cream

The Conclusion:

5 points to Lakme CC cream and 3 points to Garnier BB Cream. The winner as you can see is Lakme CC cream.

I tried to cover all the points I would personally consider important in selecting a tinted moisturiser for everyday use. After using them both, I can certainly say that both these creams fulfill all their claims and have a good reason for the loyal followers they have. For me coverage and staying power matter a lot hence I would pick lakme CC cream over Garner BB cream. If you have young skin that does not need any coverage then I would recommend Garnier BB cream to you! 🙂

Hope the comparison was helpful! Do let me know if you would want a similar comparison post for other products as well! Shall be looking forward to your comments! 🙂

P.S: This post features 2 press samples, but the opinion expressed is true to my own experience with them.
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