DIY: Tinted Lip Balm

Why don’t you DIY: Tinted Lip Balm

Hey there lovelies!!!

Winters have made their ways in and we ladies with dry and parched lips cannot stock up enough lip balms. I have one Baby lip each in my wallet, sling bag, on the dresser and yeah, one in pockets of my favorite jeans too. 🙂 I am sure you too are looking forward to giving your lip a flush of tint with a natural lip balm. Why don’t we try making one in our kitchen today? Sounding interesting eh? Come on then, jump into a DIY this weekend. 🙂

You have everything needed for this DIY at your hand’s stretch. Just walk up to the kitchen and you find everything, one each in every corner.

DIY: Lip Balm

DIY: Lip Balm

Materials Needed

Alright, here is what you will need

1)      Petroleum Jelly

2)      A redundant lipstick

3)      Honey (mmm, say about 3- 4 drops)

4)      A table spoon

5)      A candle and

6)      An empty pot to store the balm

DIY: Lip Balm

DIY: Lip Balm


Here, let’s get started soon!

Step 1: Pick up the table spoon and add about a small scoop of petroleum jelly. You could even use bees wax. We use petroleum jelly since it is a great cure for parched lips.

Step2: Now break a small chunk of a redundant lipstick and add it to the spoon. You could use any lipstick of your choice for the tint. I have used a shimmery lipstick so that the balm gets a beautiful shine. The chunk size depends on how intensely tinted you prefer your balm to be.

Step 3: Add about 3- 4 drops of honey onto the spoon. Honey is known to moisturize the lips.

Step 4: Now heat the mixture using a candle. Meanwhile keep blending the contents on the spoon. We are done once the mixture starts bubbling. Do not over heat. Make sure the mixture is blended well.

Step5: Pour the liquid into the pot you have kept aside for storing. Toss it into the refrigerator for 5 minutes for cooling. The contents cool and set even when kept at room temperature.

DIY: Lip Balm

DIY: Lip Balm

Well, with that you have a tinted lip balm that is great for an everyday use. It wears quite well for over 3 hours. It has successfully prevented my lips from getting flaky and dry when worn under matte lipsticks. You could try this out with various shades of lipsticks and keep alternating between those every other day.

DIY: Lip Balm Swatch

DIY: Lip Balm

DIY: Lip Balm

That is how simple it is ladies. 🙂 I hope you all try this out at home and let us know how it worked on you.

DIY: Lip Balm

DIY: Lip Balm

P.S. This was my first ever post on ETM and I am a little nervous about how well you all liked it. So, do not forget to drop us a comment. Cya then ladies! Take care until I am back with another post 🙂

Post by Priyanka

[alert-note]Thats quite an easy DIY Priyanka, that even I can do. 😛 i will make some good use of my lipsticks and make few tinted lip balms for the upcoming winter. Welcome to the team! :)[/alert-note]

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