Upper Lip Laser Hair Reduction Experience at Kaya Skin Clinic (1st session)

Kaya Laser Hair Reduction Experience For Upper Lip (1st session)

Hello ladies.

Summer is here and like always you must be ready with your tubes, halter tops and shorts. While it is fun to dress according to summers, it also means a lot of hair removal creams, razors and waxing well in time before you go out. For me it is a tedious process. Last year I went through the laser reduction for my underarms at Kaya Skin Clinic and believe me, after 3 sessions only my hair growth has gone down by 80% . I do need to shave, but once in two months which is a huge relief.

So this time when I got an opportunity to try another laser hair reduction session at Kaya, my first instinct was to opt for legs. But then when it comes to hair removal, what irritates me most is to go for threading sessions for my upper lip every 10-15 days. Yes I have prominent whiskers 😐 and they grow back in 2 days making it impossible for me to put up a lip swatch. :'( (beauty blogger woes I tell you) I tried hair removal spring once, but that gave me chills down my spine. -_- Whoever said hair removal springs are painless was definitely lying, because I am one of those rare creatures on earth who can bear any kind of physical pain without uttering a single word and I am damn serious when I say that.

So coming back to the topic, I went for my first upper-lip hair reduction session at Kaya Skin Clinic on 9th of April. i have been observing my upper-lip area minutely since past one week and here I am with my experience.

Kaya Skin Clinic Laser Hair Reduction Experience

Kaya Skin Clinic Laser Hair Reduction Experience

Tools Used For Laser Hair Reduction at Kaya Skin Clinic:

When you are opting for a laser hair reduction session at Kaya skin clinic, you can expect to find the below mentioned tools.

  1. Nd YAG Laser Treatment Equipment
  2. Kaya Face Cleanser for sensitive skin
  3. Kaya Sonogel KS
  4. Kaya Skin protection Cream
  5. A white marker
  6. A brand new disposable razor
  7. 2 protective eye gears, one for the therapist and one for you
  8. Pieces of  gauze
  9. Ice
  10. Water
Kaya Skin Clinic Laser Hair Reduction Experience

Kaya Skin Clinic Laser Hair Reduction Experience

Upper Lip Laser Hair Reduction Experience at Kaya Skin Clinic

Upper Lip Laser Hair Reduction Experience at Kaya Skin Clinic

Upper Lip Laser Hair Reduction Experience at Kaya Skin Clinic (1st session)

Upper Lip Laser Hair Reduction Experience at Kaya Skin Clinic (1st session)

Upper Lip Laser Hair Reduction Procedure at Kaya Skin Clinic:

If you want to know more details about laser treatment and how safe it is, you can refer to my previous post where I have mentioned every possible detail I could think of regarding laser hair reduction technique at Kaya Skin Clinic. Today I am just going to talk about the upper-lip hair reduction process.

  • Once all the formalities (filling up the form, going through your medical history) are done with, I was asked to lie down on the bed.
  • Unlike underarms which is just wiped with a wet wipe, the therapist used Kaya Cleanser on my upper-lip area to clean and remove any trace of makeup and dirt (yep I had BB cream on). With a clean wet gauze, the area was cleaned again before the next step.
  • I was asked to stuff my upper lip area with 2 pieces of gauze by opening my mouth and keeping them on my upper gum. I literally felt like lady Hanuman doing that and It is the weirdest thing I have done in my life so far! XD Of course it was necessary to provide support the same way our tongue does during an upper-lip threading session, but I never knew I will be doing something like this, so it was kind of funny. 😛
  • The next step that followed was marking the area using a white marker where the laser targeting had to be done.
  • A brand new sealed disposable razor was taken out in front of me and used to shave the fine upper lip’s hair. Once the therapist was assured of the cleanest shave possible, the razor was thrown in the dustbin. The reason I love Kaya Skin Clinic, very clean and hygienic.
  • Now that my upper lip area was ready for the laser reduction session, I had to put on my protective eye gear and so did the therapist.
  • A good amount of cooling gel (Kaya Sonogel KS) was applied to my upper-lip area to balance out the heat that generates during a laser treatment. Also the gel numbs the area to a great extent and the session goes pain free. 🙂
  • The frequency is set in the equipment which depends on how fine your hair is (Coarse / thick hair-less frequency, very fine hair-more frequency) and then your upper lip area is targeted section by section. A maximum of 40 shots are allowed for anyone and they also follow some strict rules on area overlapping during one session.
  • I was not counting, but I feel it was around 30 shots that my upper-lip area needed.
  • Once the session was over, the area was again cleaned with a wet gauge and  rubbing of ice followed.
  • Once the therapist was satisfied, my upper-lip area was wiped with a clean dry gauge and I was allowed to remove my Hanuman gear aka gauze inside my mouth. 😛
  • She applied Kaya Skin Protective Cream and asked me to moisturise my upper lip area for 5 days religiously. If you book yourself a laser hair reduction package at Kaya Skin Clinic, this cream comes with it without any additional cost.
  • And I was hair free in 5-7 minutes. ^_^
Upper Lip Laser Hair Reduction Procedure at Kaya Skin Clinic

Upper Lip Laser Hair Reduction Procedure at Kaya Skin Clinic

FAQs Regarding Upper Lip Hair Reduction Process at Kaya Skin Clinic:

Does it Hurt?

Pricking sensations like I mentioned in my previous post is what you will feel. If you go for threading, then this is so much more easier! Not painful I would say, just a little uncomfortable.

Can I use soap or creams after laser hair reduction process?

You can clean it with regular tap water and apply a moisturiser as and when you wish, but soap can only be used after 12 hours.

What is the duration between two sessions?

At least a month, but depends on your growth. If growth is slow, it can be two months as well.

Can I wax the area in between sessions?

No, if you really have an emergency, you can shave or thread but no waxing.

Why do they need you to come with full hair growth?

Because they need to set the frequency of the laser according to your hair texture, growth and type which will only be possible if they see the full growth. Also it will help the therapist asses the exact area that needs to be addressed.

How many days can you expect your upper-lip area to be hair free?

As I am writing this post, it is the 8th day and I have just noticed a hint of stub on my upper lip area which is almost negligible unless you really are up close in person. A huge plus for me as earlier it was only 2 days for me.

How many Laser sessions are recommended for effective reduction in hair?

6 sessionsof Laser treatment is what Kaya Skin Clinic recommends.

Where did you get your laser hair reduction session done?

Kaya skin Clinic, Aundh, Pune

Overall I am really happy with my experience and have my next appointment booked for mid-May. I will keep you updated on my next session. I will update the cost of a 6 session package in my next post. Other than that, if you have any questions regarding Laser hair reduction, then please comment and let me know. I will for sure get your questions answered from the dermatologist at Kaya in case I am not able to answer those myself. 🙂

P.S: The service provided was complimentary, but has not affected my opinion at all.

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