MAC Studio Moisture Cream Review

MAC Studio Moisture Cream- Review & Swatch

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I have had super oily-combi skin throughout my life- like you could literally fry an egg with the oil on my face after a long day in Kolkata :-/ Hence my moisturisers are gel based, masks are charcoal/multani mitti based and cleansers are purifying oil zapping ones. Surprise surprise! Pune has zapped all oil from my face in a whoosh leaving me feeling fuzzy and stupid and dry, on the look out for a rich face cream! Enter MAC Studio Moisture Cream 😀

MAC Studio Moisture Cream- Review

MAC Studio Moisture Cream- Review

What MAC Says-

A super-rich creamy moisturizer boosted with skin-nourishing extracts including passion fruit, spinach leaf, green tea, algae, wheat germ and coconut. Moistens, feeds, firms and protects the skin. Promotes a healthy radiance. Diminishes the appearance of fine lines. Good for day and night.


MAC Studio Moisture Cream Ingredients

MAC Studio Moisture Cream Ingredients

Price- 33$ for 50ml in USA and 2500/- INR (when I bought) here for 50ml :-/

My take on the MAC Studio Moisture Cream- 

The Studio Moisture Cream comes in an unhygienic sturdy white plastic tub with a plastic protective cover and a matte black screw-on lid. Apart from the yucky factor of dipping your fingers in every time to scoop out the cream and in turn, disintegrating its antioxidant ingredients faster, the tub is travel-friendly and sleek!

MAC Studio Moisture Cream Packaging

MAC Studio Moisture Cream Packaging

The cream is medium thick in texture, off-white in color, very lovely, soft and creamy and feels so lovely on application 🙂 My skin drinks it up in a jiffy and I am left behind with hydrated, supple skin without any greasy/tacky feel 🙂 I have tried out the cream during both day and night and I love it both ways! It’s quite rich for a nightcap and I wake up to nice, soft skin in the morning 🙂 It does not have SPF which would have prevented me from using it before in hot,humid climate, but in dry weather it’s hardly an issue to layer a sunscreen over this!

MAC Studio Moisture Cream

MAC Studio Moisture Cream

I use it as my primer for makeup as well since umm..well I never had a primer before ‘coz my overactive oil glands used to do the job but now this cream hydrates and smoothens my skin for a hassle-free makeup application 🙂

The fragrance is amazing, subtle, identical to the fresh fix+ spray and I adore it <3

Swatch of MAC Studio Moisture Cream

MAC Studio Moisture Cream Swatch

MAC Studio Moisture Cream Swatch

Pros of MAC Studio Moisture Cream

  • Sturdy sleek tub with screw-on cap makes the cream easy to travel with 🙂
  • The texture is rich, creamy, smooth and my skin drinks it up without leaving any residue/greasy feeling <3
  • The hydrating effect is lovely and works as my primer, day/night cream efficiently!
  • The fragrance is amazing, fresh yet subtle <3
  • Loaded with lots of anti-oxidants!
  • Did not break me out or irritate my sensitive skin 🙂

Cons of MAC Studio Moisture Cream

  • Freakishly pricey :'(
  • Unhygienic packaging -_-

My Rating- 4.8/5!

Do I recommend MAC Studio Moisture Cream?

Despite being so expensive, I am totally in love with this MAC Studio Moisture Cream for its hydration, rich creamy feel, fresh scent and how little I need every time for my entire face and neck 🙂 Skin & hair should definitely be invested in IMO and this cream is a good option to treat your parched thirsty skin 🙂

Review by Agnirupa

[alert-note]Sounds awesome. 😀 Have run out of moisturiser at this moment. Will definitely check this out. ^_^ Lovely review as always. 🙂 [/alert-note]

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