Vaadi Herbals Scrub Soap Review

Vaadi Herbals Scrub Soap Review, Price and Pictures

Heya beauties,

I’m back again with an awesome product, from my new favorite- Vaadi Herbals!. It’s their scrub soap. I love scrubbing and it is an essential part of skin care, as per me, so this product was certainly on my list for a long time, I finally got it! 😀 Yey!! Read on for my take on it.

Vaadi Herbals Scrub Soap Review

Vaadi Herbals Scrub Soap Review

What Vaadi Says:

A specialized scrub soap, with Almond and Walnut Scrubs, which clears out dead skin cells from your Elbows, Knees & Foot making them softer, cleaner and fairer. Also removes dark spots and pigmentation from affected areas. “Pedicure at Home”


Almond Scrubs

Walnut Scrubs

Vaadi Herbals Scrub Soap Ingredients

Vaadi Herbals Scrub Soap Ingredients

How to use:

Gently rub the soap on your feet, knees and elbows in slow circular motion. Let the scrubs remove the dead cells and dirt. Rinse off with water.

Price: Rs 28 for a 75gm bar

My take on the Vaadi Herbals Scrub Soap:

Now I did not use it specifically on knees and elbows, you may if you have blackened knees and elbows, its scrubbing effect is awesome so go for it!

It looks exactly like a pumice stone, it is very grey in color and has these granules of almond and walnut, smell is pleasant and light but can’t really figure out what it reminds me of.

Vaadi Herbals Scrub Soap

Vaadi Herbals Scrub Soap

It does not have too many chemicals and quite sticks to the claim of “herbal” so that’s cool! I used it once a week as a normal bath soap, and goodness me, its magic! Its like a pumice stone that lathers, and the scrubbing effect that it had left me feeling all freshened up. It helps to revive your body skin and fights tan and dead skin effectively and you can feel the difference in just one wash, without drying your skin or hurting it, although I will recommend that you use a after shower moisturizer, purely for precautionary purpose.

Vaadi Scrub Soap

Vaadi Scrub Soap

I did not use it on the face yet, But since it isn’t too harsh and your skin isn’t super sensitive I guess you may occasionally use it as a scrub on the face, but again, its best if you don’t ask its meant for the body. Regular scrubbing or extensive scrubbing (pedicure/ manicure) this soap just works out perfectly! I had bought this in a lot and have already gifted one to my sis in law, hubby and some friends, all have loved it! There are various combos available online for this soap so you may get some and make your own spa kit gifts for your girlfriends :). Last but not the least, its more than “value for money”.

Pros of Vaadi Herbals Scrub Soap-

  • Lathers awesomely
  • Smells good
  • Fights tan and dead skin very well
  • Organic ingredients
  • Economic price
  • A very Indian brand
  • Can be used as a regular soap by men
  • Works very well as a scrub during pedicure/manicure.
  • Doesn’t hurt or dry out the skin.

Cons of Vaadi Herbals Scrub Soap-

  • Nothing absolutely! Only con would be that this product is only available online.

My Rating: 5/5

Do I recommend the Vaadi Herbals Scrub Soap?

This Vaadi Herbals Scrub Soap  is one awesome thing from Vaadi. I highly recommend it girls

Review by Joanita

[alert-note]Sounds like a good scrub soap. I have used loofah soaps but never one with scrub granules. Nice review. 🙂 [/alert-note]

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