Cheryl’s DermaLite Face Wash Review

Cheryl’s DermaLite Face Wash Review & Swatch:

For someone like me who is in the sun everyday, Chery’s DermaLite Face Wash with Chamomile is God sent.  Inspite of applying generous doses of sunscreen, the sun still gets to you and in Mumbai summer is killer.  This face wash infact made a difference to my skin right from day one.  It is an effective cleanser for normal to dry skin and a great pick for daily use.  This is not the best product for sensitive, rosacea and acne skin.

Cheryl's DermaLite Face Wash Review

Cheryl’s DermaLite Face Wash Review

What Cheryl’s Says:

  • Chamomile has antiseptic and healing properties. It is frequently added to skin cosmetics to serve as an emollient, and for its anti-inflammatory effects. This amazing daisy like plant has Alpha-bisabolol which promotes granulation and tissue regeneration.
  • The inhibition of melanin production with Licorice makes it a promising candidate for skin-whitening. Along with Vitamin B3 you have an undeniable fairness, radiance and glow.
  • Yogurt contains lactic acid and enzymes that hydrate and soothe the skin, leaving it soft and smooth and purified.
  • Lactic acid from milk exfoliates and hydrates the skin.
  • Now unique to this particular brand is niacinamide which helps moisturize and soothe the skin. It also strengthens the skin barrier function while moisturizing and soothing.  It also imparts a lighter and even skin tone.

Price:Rs. 275 for 50gm

My take on the Cheryl’s DermaLite Face Wash-

The packaging like all other Cheryl’s products is very simple.This face wash comes in one size only. The product is filled in a tube with a flip top cap.  The product is a lovely minty turquoise coloured jelly.   You need just a bit and it will foam lightly.  You need not have tons of foam to prove the effectiveness of any product.  Foam is foam and nothing more.

Cheryl's DermaLite Face Wash Packaging

Cheryl’s DermaLite Face Wash Packaging

This face wash has really improved the look and tone of my skin.  Right from day one I realized the difference that this product made and I am on my second tube now.  I have combination skin that is now dry because of the cool weather I think.  It does not make it drier and I am happy about that.  I have noticed that all the sun induced tanning has gone off considerably along with dead skin removal.

Cheryl's DermaLite Face Wash

Cheryl’s DermaLite Face Wash

Pros of Cheryl’s DermaLite Face Wash:

  • Desi brand bought over by cosmetics giant Loreal
  • Chamomille is a great natural ingredient
  • Cleanses and lightens skin
  • Great for winter as it is specially for normal to dry skin
  • Smoothens and hydrates skin3.
  • reduces the formation of melanin
  • effectively removes light to medium makeup
  • Light foam
  • Menthol fragrance
  • Simple, sturdy and travel friendly packaging
  • Available online and in enrich salons across Mumbai

Cons of Cheryl’s DermaLite Face Wash:

  • Physical presence in very few shops in cities across India.
  • Smell hardly remains for 15 mins or so

Swatch of Cheryl’s DermaLite Face Wash:

Cheryl's DermaLite Face Wash Swatch

Cheryl’s DermaLite Face Wash Swatch

My Rating: 5/5

Do I recommend Cheryl’s DermaLite Face Wash?

I’d highly recommend this Cheryl’s DermaLite Face Wash if you have a perpetual tan.  There is no need to invest in bleach and fairness facials. This one product is enough to sort you out.

Review by- Christina

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