Sattvik Replenishing Night Cream Review

Sattvik Replenishing Night Cream Review & Swatch-

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After my last experience with Sattvik Organics with the lovely rose toner, I quickly dug through my drawer to try out their replenishing night cream with saffron & olive which I have had for quite some time but hadn’t started using ‘coz I always have a hoard of creams to finish up 😐

Sattvik Replenishing Night Cream Review

Sattvik Replenishing Night Cream Review

What Sattvik Organics Says-

Sattvik Organics offers this ‘Night Care’ cream that is all you need to have a flawless and younger-looking skin.  A perfect treatment for damaged skin, this cream helps in tissue repair. Other specifications:

  • Effectively restores skin vitality
  • Leaves skin looking younger & firmer
  • Discourages skin ageing
  • Light, absorbing cream – allows the skin to breathe
Sattvik Replenishing Night Cream

Sattvik Replenishing Night Cream


Triticum Vulgare(Wheat Germ Oil),Persea Americana Oil(Avocado Oil),Vitamin C,Prunus Amygdauls Oil(Almond Oil),Citrus Aurantium(Orange Oil),Vitis Vinifera Extract(Grape Extract),Aloe Barbadensis Extract(Aloe Vera Extract) and Deminerialised Water

Sattvik Replenishing Night Cream Ingredients

Sattvik Replenishing Night Cream Ingredients

Price: 299/-INR for 100gm

My take on the Sattvik Replenishing Night Cream:

The cream comes in a sturdy plastic tub with a screw-on lid which again makes me ask all the brands, especially the natural ones that why!!?? Why must you package your lovely natural creams in unhygienic tubs to dip our fingers in every single day  and which decomposes all natural ingredients 10 times faster -_- uughh!

Sattvik Replenishing Night Cream Packaging

Sattvik Replenishing Night Cream Packaging

The cream is white in color, medium rich and silky in texture and feels soft & luxurious when I massage it in 🙂 Due to the onset of dry weather, my skin has been crying out for real hydration and my usual gel-based oil-free ones are not making the cut right. This cream feels rich and so hydrating <3 It gets absorbed quite quickly and I wake up with soft,healthy skin without any stretchy feel/flakiness 😀

The cream has such a lovely subtle soothing fragrance <3 It smells mildly of saffron and I adore the fact that it lingers for some time.

The pros of Sattvik Replenishing Night Cream:

1> Soft, smooth, rich in texture-yet gets absorbed quickly into skin.

2> Provides amazing hydration and I wake up every morning with rested,fresh supple skin <3

3> Lovely,subtle saffron fragrance which lingers 🙂

4> Very affordable.

5> Impressive ingredient list!

The cons of Sattvik Replenishing Night Cream:

None except the unhygienic tub packaging.

Swatch of the Sattvik Replenishing Night Cream:

Sattvik Replenishing Night Cream Swatch

Sattvik Replenishing Night Cream Swatch

My Rating: 4.8/5!

Do I recommend Sattvik Replenishing Night Cream?

I have been liking Sattvik Organics products a lot and right now, this Sattvik Replenishing Night Cream is my dry skin savior! It has a lovely rich texture, provides great hydration without greasiness,has a lovely saffron fragrance and is very affordable 🙂 Recommended!

Review by- Agni

  1. November 21, 2016
  2. November 21, 2016

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