The Best OF 2016 in ‘EYE’ Makeup

The Best OF 2016 in ‘EYE’ Makeup- 

A weapon that’s unavoidable, a medium that reflects upon a lot, a way to resonate the silence… is this all too much to take in? Well, to simply lay it out, eyes are those beauty treasures of a person that should be maintained in the most captivating way possible! We sure don’t forget to maintain our skin and hair, but isn’t our eyes the center of charisma? And what’s better than giving them regular beauty blessings through these BEST OF 2016 eye make up products? So brace yourselves and await a chance to get your fix for the new year of 2017!


  1. L’Oreal Paris Liner Magique

PRICE: INR 399/- for 3 g


L'Oreal Paris Liner Magique

L’Oreal Paris Liner Magique

L’Oreal always reminds me of the fair quality I get that I pay for. This year we were introduced to this Magique liner that has strong jet black pigmentation with a glamorous glossy finish. With a good enough medium thin liquidity, it lets you slide it on smoothly without any smudge! With a drying power in just a few seconds it stays on like a boss for 5 or more hours considering your skin type.


  1. Pen Sugar Lash Mob Limitless Mascara

PRICE: INR 699/- for 9ml

SHADES: Black With A Bang

Pen Sugar Lash Mob Limitless Mascara

Pen Sugar Lash Mob Limitless Mascara

Sugar struck the year 2016 with its lusciously lasting Lash mob mascara. It makes your eyes a charmer for around 6 hours without any worries. Safely a paraben free mascara it doesn’t have any fibers to irritate eyes after application. It is thick textured and waterproof and Curls up your lashes dramatically. Spreads evenly on surface to enhance the softness of your gaze in an instant!


  1. Colorbar Color-Matic Eyeshadow

PRICE: INR 850/- for 0.8g


Colorbar Color-Matic Eyeshadow

Colorbar Color-Matic Eyeshadow

One of the sizzling favorites of 2016, Color-Matic eyeshadow by Colorbar comes in an easy to handle pen format that also contains an inbuilt pro-sponge applicator which just makes everything perfect to get glammed up. Available to be racked up in 11 shades, it has cream to powder formula that gives an indulging blend, intensifying the solid texture. Let your eyes to get caressed with the velvety touch and feel it steal your heart!


  1. Maybelline Color Sensational Diamonds Eye Shadow

PRICE: INR 575/- for 2.4 grams


Maybelline Color Sensational Diamonds Eye Shadow

Maybelline Color Sensational Diamonds Eye Shadow

Maybelline sure has its ways of keeping a beauty balance in the market! And that’s why it makes it in 2016’s Best of list. This range of eye shadow is strikingly pigmented to leave your eyes look mesmerizing all day long! These shimmers are exceptionally powdered giving your eyes an enhancement of perfection. Going to a party? This is your pick to rock your party look lasting for or more than 4-5 hours keeping your look smooth as clouds!


  1. Clinique Lid Pop Eye Shadow

PRICE: INR 1500/- for 2 g


Clinique Lid Pop Eye Shadow

Clinique Lid Pop Eye Shadow

Clinique makes me happy with their eye catchy product, Lid pop eye shadow. It is formulated as a soft and silky textured settled powder that is much firmer than other eye shadows. It leaves a deep pigmentation with an even touch of the shade. Remains in action for 5-6 hours or more with shades having a diva type build up!

These were the 2016 dramatic eye products that stole the hearts of the buyers and captivated the attention of lookers!

Article by- Pratishtha

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