The Best OF 2016 in ‘LIP’ Makeup

 The Best OF 2016 in ‘LIP’ Makeup-


Indulge in the quality of plush lip shades that have introduced their worth in 2016 and a wholesome of newness to let you charm up your look in an instant, be it for a party, office or just a hangout! Make your way through this list of colorful tints that have lest their impressions on the BEST OF 2016 lip makeup.

  1. Clinique Pop Liquid Matte Lip Colour + Primer



Clinique Pop Liquid Matte Lip Colour + Primer

Clinique Pop Liquid Matte Lip Colour + Primer

With a plentiful shade choices numbering to 16, Clinique has come up with a lip colour that is pleasingly matte and fused with in built primer to let your lips look lively and hydrated without any signs of dryness or fine lines! This blend of softness and matte is the pick of 2016 dry lip issues. Keep your lips pigmented for around 4-6 hours and rock your look impeccably.


  1. Maybelline Color Sensational Lip Gradation



Maybelline Color Sensational Lip Gradation

Maybelline Color Sensational Lip Gradation

Rich in creaminess leaving your lips smooth is what this highly pigmented sensational lip color gifts you in 2016. It is sure to become your favorite amongst all other matte lip crayons because these are not sticky neither glossy, just a beautiful finish. A lightweight formula smudges the tint in a way it looks graded! Easy to line up and cover the lip properly, it is super pigmented and just a swipe is adequate to stretch till 8 hours on the go.



  1. NYX Plush Gel Lipstick



NYX Plush Gel Lipstick

NYX Plush Gel Lipstick

2016 welcomed NYX with its plush gel lipstick collection that come in 6 shades each in carrying friendly sleek tubes. It gives you a buttery experience to glide on your lips leaving them feeling supple for around 3-4 hours. A texture that is gel like, it gives you a feel of your lip balm & moisturizes your lip well. The pigmentation is enough to let you get saturated colour in 1-2 swipe(s).


  1. Sugar Vivid Lipstick Breaking Bare



Sugar Vivid Lipstick Breaking Bare

Sugar Vivid Lipstick Breaking Bare

Fusion of truest of creamy and matte textures is what Sugar has to offer you. Paraben free and amazingly pigmented these lip sticks are amazing to forget the post application worries of fine lines and patches. They give a comfortable experience with proper moisturization staying till 6-7 hours. One swipe and you are sorted for the day!


  1. Lakme Mousse Lip n Cheek Tint



Lakme Mousse Lip n Cheek Tint

Lakme Mousse Lip n Cheek Tint

Lakme made our 2016 vibrant with its range of 10 shades of mousse lip tints that would work as your blush too! This super 2 in 1 product is your steal for the best pigmentation. A hint of airy textured mousse-ness is what makes the gliding process soft on lips. Post application, gradually the matte effect shows up giving it a very classy look without any smudge all day long. With no worries of transfer, the wear time extends till 6 hours.


Article by- Pratishtha

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