Svayam Rice Face Scrub Review

Svayam Rice Face Scrub Review-


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I love DIY face packs and concoctions for my skin & hair care but it’s a different issue that I am too lazy to actually get up and do those :-/ So I fall back upon ready made, ready to use face packs and oils & curse myself *_* However, when I read up on a natural brand called Svayam, I immediately wanted to try out their products & am so happy that I did. It’s DIY without actually doing it myself 😀 Confused? Read on!

Svayam Rice Scrub Review

Svayam Rice Scrub Review

What Svayam Says-

Anti-tan | Removes Skin Pigmentation


Rice Powder, Oats

Masoor Daal, Haldi

Orange Peel


For oily skin, add curd. For dry skin, add milk. For normal skin, add rosewater. Make a creamy paste and scrub face and neck. Leave on for 5-10 minutes and rinse well.

Svayam Rice Scrub Price

Svayam Rice Scrub Price

Price: 415/- INR for 100gm

My take on the Svayam Rice Scrub-

The rice scrub comes in a cute glass tub with a screw on lid which I loveee ‘coz of its simplicity but being glass I have to pour it out into something more convenient for travelling if I want to take some with me.

Svayam Rice Scrub

Svayam Rice Scrub

The scrub comes in powder form and is actually the mixture of the ingredients mentioned and nothing else- no additive fragrance, flavour! You can see the oats, the haldi, smell the masoor dal and it’s just like you haveput those kitchen ingredients together & blended <3 I love the natural simplicity of it and mix it usually with milk to form a paste and apply it on my face for 5 minutes after which I scrub it gently and wash off to reveal sparkling clean, glowing skin 😀 It has helped to remove my old acne scars faster as well as getting rid of my Goa tan! Love, love it!

I have never loved any scrub more than this natural blend & I am certainly not going to repurchase fancy pricier scrubs anymore! They have a ton of scrubs to choose from- for acne prone skin, sensitive skin etc- you can choose which ingredient works best for your skin issue & pick that scrub *_*

Pros of the Svayam Rice Scrub:

1> Fuss free, simplistic packaging.

2> Contains lovely, simple & effective natural ingredients.

3> Scrubs away dead skin cells effectively to get rid of old acne scars, sun tan to reveal brighter skin <3

4> No artificial fragrance/flavors/colors added which is amazing, especially for sensitive skin.

5> Available on all popular shopping sites online.

Cons of the Svayam Rice Scrub:

1> I wish they had a plastic tub instead of glass 🙁
2> Price is on the higher side for a newer brand & people might not give these a try in favour of already established natural brands!
3> The label does not bear the complete list of ingredients 😐 As far as I felt, they are using natural & pure ingredients, then why not list them on the label?

Swatch of the Svayam Rice Scrub-

Svayam Rice Scrub Swatch

Svayam Rice Scrub Swatch

My Rating: 4.8/5!

Do I recommend Svayam Rice Scrub?
I am a scrub girl by heart & have used numerous scrubs throughout *_* Scrubs were always a staple in my skincare routine & I am so happy to come across the Svayam Rice Scrub ^_^. It has natural kitchen ingredients, lives upto its claims, easy to use and fades away tan & stubborn dark marks.Recommended!
Review by- Agni
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