Brush Egg – Cosmetic Make-up Brush Cleaning Tool Review

Brush Egg – Cosmetic Make-up Brush Cleaning Tool Review-

Brush Egg - Cosmetic Make-up Brush Cleaning Tool Review

Brush Egg – Cosmetic Make-up Brush Cleaning Tool Review

Product Description:

This is a handy tool for cleaning your cosmetic make-up brushes.

Size: Approx 7 cm (length)*5 cm(width)*3 cm(height)

The Brush Egg is petite and fits very nice over your fingers. Durable silicone so it will last a long time Use it with a gentle shampoo or body wash. The opening is small, so it is better to hold the Brush Egg in the palm of your hand.

To Use:

  • Swirl the wet and shampooed brush in circular movements over the ridges of the egg to get all product removed. You may also hook the base of the brush to the ridges and wiggle the brush to remove embedded dirt.
  • Use the smaller brushes on the little nubs to remove eyeshadow or liquid eyeliner. Just rinse the egg under clean water and let it dry. Do not put it in direct sunlight.

Available: Amazon, flipkart, Aliexpress

Price: 180-200/- INR

My take on the Brush Egg – Cosmetic Make-up Brush Cleaning Tool-

Makeup brushes are the one thing that a blogger especially can’t live without. Yes, there are people who love to do makeup on a daily basis too and hence use a bunch of cosmetic brushes.

However, cleaning all the makeup brushes on a regular basis is another tedious job that requires time and a bit of patience too. Well, I am the one who does it more so on a fortnightly/monthly basis because the time to clean all my brushes is way too much or I am rather never interested to put in that much effort to clean all brushes individually πŸ˜›

I am also not someone who spends a hell lot over expensive brush cleansers & then here comes a saviour that cuts off the time, energy and even the cost exceptionally low and makes the brush cleaning task super quick. That saviour I am talking about today is called β€˜Brush Egg’.

Brush Egg

Brush Egg

The Brush Egg, as the name suggests, comes in an egg form with an opening big enough to fit in your (two) fingers. It is made up of durable silicon material. The lower part is flat with silicon nubs/bristles and partitions on to where we rub our makeup brushes and get them free from color/dirt. It comes in many colors and I prefer a darker shade so went for purple.

Brush Egg - Cosmetic Make-up Brush Cleaning Tool

Brush Egg – Cosmetic Make-up Brush Cleaning Tool

To use, I soak all my dirty brushes in a mix of mild shampoo and conditioner and let them be in for a couple of minutes. Then starting with my face brushes, I pick them one at a time and swirl them with a bit of force on to the centre part (bristles) of the brush egg, holding it securely within my first two fingers. Within a minute, the brush looks thoroughly cleaned with the colored/dirty water dripping off from the brushegg sides. No harm comes to either the brush egg or my brush. Similarly, for eye brushes, I prefer scrubbing the brush over the top part of the brush egg having smaller spikes :P. That helps to clean the smaller brushes effectively.

My Dirty Brushes

My Dirty Brushes

My Brushes after being cleaned by Brush Egg

My Brushes after being cleaned by Brush Egg

Best part is within a matter of few minutes, all my brushes look squeaky clean with much less devotion of time and effort. I just wash all brushes thoroughly with running water and ta da, it’s done. So the brush egg absolutely cuts the times it takes to clean a brush (thoroughly and deeply) in more than half.

Just wash the brush egg with water once and wipe off the excess water and within a minute or 2, its dries off and can be stored easily for coming uses.

Pros of the Brush Egg – Cosmetic Make-up Brush Cleaning Tool:

  • Big saviour for cleaning many brushes at one go
  • Reduces the effort and time to more than half in cleaning all brushes.
  • Does not harm the brush bristles in any way.
  • Looks cute and works very well.
  • Cheap
  • Easily available.
  • A simple mild shampoo/conditioner duo along with this brush egg performs the desired task so no need to invest in high end brush cleansers.
  • Effectively removes all kinds of waterproof or non-waterproof makeup from the brushes

Cons of the Brush Egg – Cosmetic Make-up Brush Cleaning Tool:

  • Too small an opening (to hold the egg) which may not fit all.
  • Does not fully clean a very large fluffy brush as it is smaller in size.

My Rating: 5/5

Do I recommend theΒ Brush Egg – Cosmetic Make-up Brush Cleaning Tool?

I have absolutely no problem using this cheap, effective and super handy Brush Egg – Cosmetic Make-up Brush Cleaning Tool for cleaning my makeup brushes. A little bit of effort and time makes my makeup brushes and me super happy. I just love its look and the color selection. Will keep on using it and fully recommend it to everyone πŸ™‚


Review by- Nidhi

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