Svayam Naturals Fennel Face Pack Review

Svayam Naturals Fennel Face Pack Review-

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Svayam Naturals sent over a host of their new lovely summer goodies to try out & since it’s so hot & dry right now, my skin fervently wants something to cool & calm it down- so enter the new Fennel Face Pack! Read on to know how it has fared on me!

Svayam Naturals Fennel Face Pack Review

Svayam Naturals Fennel Face Pack Review

What Svayam Naturals Says-


Skin Tightening | Reduces Fine Lines


Fennel Seeds (saunf)


Multani Mitti

Svayam Naturals Fennel Face Pack Usage

Svayam Naturals Fennel Face Pack Usage

How to Use-

For oily skin, add curd. For dry skin, add milk. For normal skin, add rosewater. Make a creamy paste and apply to face and neck. Leave on for 5-10 minutes and rinse well.

Price: 415/- INR for 100gm

My take on the Svayam Naturals Fennel Face Pack-

The packaging is the same cute transparent glass tub with a screw-on lid. I love how cute it looks & have been already using my empty jar for storing spices 😛 It’s not ideal for carrying around though, so I have to pour some out into something more travel friendly.

The texture of the pack is a finely ground powder which smells a bit like saunf & feels as if I have just ground it then & there ^_^ This is the reason I have a soft corner for Svayam! They put in their tub just what they write.

Svayam Naturals Fennel Face Pack

Svayam Naturals Fennel Face Pack

I mixed the pack with curd one day & milk another day & I loved both the results! The face pack took around 10-15 minutes to get dry after which I gently scrubbed it off with cool water. My face immediately felt & appeared rested & cooled, much brighter without feeling dry/stretchy! I cannot clarify their claim of reduction of fine lines as yet of course as it has been 2 weeks of usage only for me but it certainly is a great face pack for summers!

Oh & the issue which was my only gripe with Svayam Naturals- that they did not provide the complete ingredient list? Well the lovely lady herself called me up to assure me that whatever is printed on the label IS the actual ingredient list :O So no base material, no smuggled preservatives, NOTHING!!! Of course that means you have to finish up the pack within 2 months but for ZERO chemicals, that is a very meager issue IMO ^_^

Pros of the Svayam Naturals Fennel Face Pack:

1> Finely ground powder texture- easy to mix & apply.

2> Face immediately feels cooled & refreshed- looks brighter.

3> Skin does not feel dry/stretchy.

4> The face pack smells exactly like natural saunf *_*

5> Zero chemicals, no preservatives!

Cons of the Svayam Naturals Fennel Face Pack:

Price is a bit on the steeper side if you consider the fact that you have to finish up the entire face pack up by yourself within 2 months 😐

My Rating:4.8/5!
Do I recommend the Svayam Naturals Fennel Face Pack?
Svayam Naturals Fennel Face Pack is a refreshing & cooling natural face pack ideal for the hot summer months to cleanse & brighten your skin without leaving it greasy or sucking all the natural oils out 🙂 It has no chemicals & I have rarely come across a brand offering this virtue! Recommended!
Review by- Agni
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