Svayam Naturals Ubtan Body Scrub Review

Svayam Naturals Ubtan Body Scrub Review-

Hey my pretty ladies!

I love using a body scrub or ubtan now & then to remove my overall body tan & rough dry patches, especially since summer always means wearing sleeveless clothes or capris/shorts! In their package Svayam Naturals had sent their brand new Ubtan to me & I have been trying it out for the last few weeks! Read on to know more!

Svayam Naturals Ubtan Body Scrub Review

Svayam Naturals Ubtan Body Scrub Review

What Svayam Naturals Says-

  • Applied For: Softening & Smoothening, Exfoliation, Skin Polishing, Cleansing, Skin Hydration, Deep Cleansing
  • Application Area: Hands, Body, Feet, Neck, Face


Svayam Naturals Ubtan Body Scrub Ingredients

Svayam Naturals Ubtan Body Scrub Ingredients

Price: 525/- INR for 300 gm.

My take on the Svayam Naturals Ubtan Body Scrub-

The packaging of all Svayam Naturals packs are similar & this ubtan tub though a lot bigger, is the similar sturdy glass tub with a tight metal cap which looks elegant but is a strict no-no for travelling 😐 They gave me a cute wooden spoon with this too! 😀

Svayam Naturals Ubtan Body Scrub

Svayam Naturals Ubtan Body Scrub

The ubtan comes in a cream colored coarse powdered form & can be made into a paste with anything you please! I love cooling yoghurt in the summers so I used yoghurt to turn the powder into a paste & applied liberally all over my arms & legs.

As soon as it began to dry though, I was dismayed to find the ubtan falling off in chunks *I was doing my chores with this on* & I immediately sat down quietly till it dried completely & rinsed it off! The rinsing off part was difficult & time consuming to say the least :-/ I had to sweep the entire house for stray flakes later!

The effect on my skin though, was amazing! My skin felt touchably soft & smooth, with majority of my tan gone & all my ingrown leg hair was gone as well! It did not dry out my skin at all or break it out 🙂

The fragrance is mild, herbal & is not at all artificial or overpowering 🙂

Pros of the Svayam Naturals Ubtan Body Scrub:

1> Elegant glass tub packaging with tight cap & a cute wooden spoon!

2> Totally natural ingredients!

3> Removed majority of  tan from my arms & legs & made my skin soft & smooth!

4> Subtle herbal fragrance!

5> Did not irritate or aggravate my sensitive skin 🙂

Cons of the Svayam Naturals Ubtan Body Scrub:

The process of drying & rinsing was very very messy!

My Rating: 4.5/5!

Do I recommend the Svayam Naturals Ubtan Body Scrub?

Svayam Naturals Ubtan Body Scrub is a totally natural body scrub which is great to get rid of your summer tan & also acts as a great body scrub to remove ingrown hair before you wax/shave! It was messy to use though but I guess if you can sit still in one place while its drying *I can’t :P* it will be quite all right!


Review by- Agni


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