Top Essential Oils Uses & Benefits- #2 Lemon Oil

Top Essential Oils Uses & Benefits- #2 Lemon Oil

Hey beauties,

I’m back with the 2nd essential oil in our series of Top 10 Essential oils and its Lemon essential oil!

Lemon Oil- Uses & Benefits:

Lemon essential oil is the favourite among the citrus family of essential oils- tangerine and grapefruit follow soon! This oil is a hot pick because it has a very citrusy smell and can refresh instantly.

Lemon essential oil is used in Aromatherapy for varied reasons. Its specialty likes in the fact that unlike many other essential oils, it CAN be consumed! You heard it right! Its edible and has various benefits with regards to that aspect. Read on to know more.


It is extracted by the rinds (peels) of lemon. So it does not contain any of the juice of the lemon and contains largely the medicinal properties of the peels, which we generally ignore while cooking. Its said that over a 1000 lemons rinds are used to make a kg of lemon essential oil! That itself should tell you how pure and concentrate it would be!

Lemon Oil- Uses & Benefits

Lemon Oil- Uses & Benefits

Health Benefits:

  • It is antiseptic.
  • Its anti bacterial.
  • Its good for pH balance
  • It’s a mood lifter
  • Works as a anti nauseatic agent
  • Works as a blood purifier
  • Works as a flavoring agent.

Now the easiest of the uses are also over a 100 that I know, but I’m not gonna give more than 10:p, or else this post might stretch a lot more,but yes will post many DIYs for sure dahlings :*! So here’s the list:

Lemon Essential Oil

Lemon Essential Oil


  • If you suffer from oily skin, you can mix few drops in your moisturizer, face wash, toner. This should work like a dream.
  • It has anti aging properties so you may add a few drops to your skin serum and it will work better over 10 times better!
  • Mix a drop or 2 in your face mask and apply, you wouldn’t need that chemical laden or too strong bleach to follow up ;)! Lemon oil acts as a natural skin brightener.
  • Mix a drop to your face mist, it will boost up your skin.
  • Mix a few drops in your regular shampoo for dandruff and excess oil control.
  • Mix a  few drops in your drinking water to balance your system and pH. This should be 2 drops for a litre please do not make it more, it should be enough for up to 2-3 fills as well.
  • Mix a few drops in your toothpaste for whiter teeth.
  • Add a few drops to your lemon tart/ pie batter for better zesty flavour.
  • Add few drops to your bath for instant energy boost.
  • Add few drops to your pot pourri for the freshness.


Words of Caution:

  • Use dropwise, always!
  • Do not use/ consume directly (always)!
  • Lemon oil is phototoxic, as in it breaks down in light (sunlight) so in days or heavy summers do not use before being directly exposed to the sun, this also goes for any lemon or citrus based product you would use.

That’s all girls, hope you like this info. Stay tuned for more oils.


Article by- Joanita



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