5 Super Powerful Anti-ageing Ingredients from the Kitchen

5 Super Powerful Anti-ageing Ingredients from the Kitchen-

5 Super Powerful Anti-ageing Ingredients from the Kitchen

5 Super Powerful Anti-ageing Ingredients from the Kitchen

Skin ageing is a major problem. It is an inevitable process that will set in with time. However, it becomes a problem when it sets in way too soon. Ageing of the skin can cause it to sag, leading to wrinkles and patchiness. Pigmentation is another off set of skin ageing.

While there are a number of cosmetic products available to counter the effect of ageing on the skin, most women find it daunting to use them. Either they are priced way to high or have high chemical agents that in the long term, may cause serious skin damage.

We hear you ladies!

That is why, we have come up with 5 powerful, all-natural ingredients that are perfectly safe to use and are proven to be great deterrents to the ageing process. The best part it, they are all sitting right in your kitchen!

  1. Organically cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil

Olive Oil for antiageing

Olive Oil for antiageing

The benefits of olive oil cannot be stressed enough! It is really healthy as extra virgin olive oil is known to contain mono-saturated fats. These fats are known to improve the heart function and the cardio-vascular system in general. This would mean a better blood circulation in the body resulting in a slowed down ageing process.

Use it in your daily cooking or drizzle it onto your salads as the perfect dressing! Make sure that you buy only the organic and cold-pressed variant for complete benefit.


Walnuts Anti ageing benefits

Walnuts Anti ageing benefits

It is generally advised that you include a sizable portion of nuts in your daily diet. For specific anti-ageing purposes, walnuts are your best friend. They are full of Omega 3 fatty acids that are known to improve brain health and also boost the nervous and cardio-vascular functions.

A handful of these nuts every day are all you need to keep ageing at bay!

You could even crush them; mix them up with some milk and honey to create the perfect face scrub. Apart from exfoliating your skin, they will also keep your skin hydrated.

3. Avocados               

Avocados for Antiageing skin Benefits

Avocados for Antiageing skin Benefits

Now this one is a bit tricky. Avocados are notoriously famous for their high fat content. So, should you eat them, or shouldn’t you? Are you ready to gain a bit of weight in your fight against ageing? Such tough life decisions, right?

Relax! Avocados are full of the good kind of fats, namely, mono-saturated fats. Just like olive oil, these fats improve blood circulation and help you fight ageing. A better cardio-vascular functioning means a better metabolism and consequently, you burn more calories by eating avocados!

Make avocados a staple in your daily diet!


SKin Benefits of Garlic

Skin Benefits of Garlic

Ever wondered why Italians look so young? It’s all in the garlic! Jokes apart, garlic are a known ingredient that helps to improve skin health, boosting collagen formation. So, start using the ingredient liberally in your diet, or better still, turn Italian!


Blueberries Skin Benefit

Blueberries Skin Benefit

These sweet summer berries are great for your skin. They are packed with tons of anti-oxidants and your skin loves anti-oxidants. These nourish and detoxify the skin and help boost its youthfulness.

Have more of these sweet treats to delay the ageing process of your skin naturally!

Article by- Needhi Gandhi

  1. May 12, 2017

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